10 basic principles of cooking fish, which we forget

Cooking is not the easiest science. To prepare a perfect dish takes a lot: experience, knowledge, quality ingredients. Buying products in Libertad, for quality you can not worry, and to improve culinary skills we have prepared cooking tips. Meet the 10 basic principles of fish cooking.

Cutting and the choice of the method of heat treatment

1. Order a dish of fish turned out delicious, it is very important to choose the right method of heat treatment. Roasting is best suited saltwater fish with a juicy and fatty meat. Lean fish species, characterized by dry, easily crumbling the meat, it is best to prepare by boiling or poaching. For any kind of heat treatment fit with a thick and juicy meat fish varieties.

2. Cutting up fish before cooking, be sure to remove the gills, or in the process of heat treatment they can give the dish a bitter taste.

3. To get rid of the smell of slime from freshwater fish is possible, if cooking for an hour to place it in acidulated with vinegar water in a ratio of 2 tablespoons of vinegar in 1 liter of water. Or cut the fish into pieces, put in an enamel bowl, sprinkle with finely chopped Bay leaf, pour cool water and leave it for an hour. Before cooking, drain the water, rinse the fish.

4. If you gut the fish yourself, use caution in dealing with gall bladder. If it burst, the fish should be immediately washed, and the point of contact of bile in sea salt.

The boiling fish

5. Large fish for boiling put into a saucepan with cold water, as adding boiling water. Small fish only put into boiling water.

6. To boiled fish managed, pour in a bowl an amount of water which is slightly hide or carcass pieces during cooking. If the water is too much, the fish will be watery and lose much in taste.

7. Boil the fish should be on low heat. Rapid boiling impairs the flavor of the fish meat becomes tough and the broth cloudy. Small fish boiled for 5-10 minutes. Portions and the average size the fish will reach until cooked through 15-20 minutes. Big fish boiled for 30-40 minutes. To determine the readiness of the fish chef's puncture needle (alternatively, a wooden skewer or a match). When the fish is ready, the needle easily penetrates the meat fibers and it stands out clear juice.

The frying fish

8. To avoid sticking of the fish to the pan in the process of roasting will help the breading. You can roll the fish in flour, or to perform more complex breaded in flour, egg and breadcrumbs.

9. Before frying much heat the Dutch oven or pan, pour on the bottom of the oil and then put on her fish. Small fish fry whole, cut into large pieces.

10. During frying carefully follow the intensity of the fire. The frying of the fish is produced on a medium heat. At too high heat, the dish will burn, but will not fry. Do not use the lid – fish may be stewed. And to avoid splashing of oil if necessary, cover the pan with a colander. Fish is considered ready when its meat when the sample plug is easily separated from the spine.


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