Find a horseshoe - fortunately.


Find a horseshoe - fortunately. Probably impossible to find such a universal, truly global mascot happiness. What are the reasons for the widespread belief in this talisman?

There are certain forms of objects that have the most diverse effects on the world and people. This, for example, pyramids, pentacles, crosses, etc. Including horseshoe.
In the Roman-Germanic countries, there is a legend that once one village blacksmith came to the Devil himself, and asked him to shoe. Smith was not just believers, but also holy, and it took over respectively: chained "visitor" to the wall and began to handle his hooves so zealously that is filthy asked for mercy. Before releasing him, the saint took the Devil promise that he would never come there where you can see a horseshoe ...

Incidentally, in this legend lies perhaps the essence of mascot: in any metal horseshoe field mixed, active-passive - negative energy it absorbs better than the famous black holes of space, but positive in the full sense creates! Simply put, like a magnet, "changes the sign of" negative energy to positive charge.

Suppose you came uninvited guest, a man envious and evil. Horseshoe nailed above the door ends up or down in the doorway points down in a matter of moments extort from him almost all the negative energy. At the same time so weak "guest" physically, that he not only does not cause home owners and no harm, but is unlikely to stay long under your roof.

We believed, and now it is believed that a horseshoe "happiness" only to find himself: specially procured or are weaker or do not "work". In fact this is not true. Excellent acting horseshoe-brooches, horseshoe-tie pins (they are especially recommended for people engaged in the trade), and even a souvenir horseshoe: provided that they are made of gold, silver, copper, iron. Only the horseshoe of the most energetically dead alloy - aluminum - do not show up in any way.

Of course, one must know how to use the most common in the world mascot, when and why.

Horseshoe-decoration of various metals was highly regarded as a remedy for the evil eye and damage not only in rural areas but also in aristocratic circles. In England and Scotland, gold or silver bulavochka made in the form of a horseshoe, was a fixture of the bride's wedding dress and earrings and pendants in the shape of horseshoes known since the Sumerians, that is almost 3000 years BC In short, the belief connected with shoes and is now supported by the data of parapsychology, to know, of course, it is useful to virtually all who lacks good luck in life, happiness, luck.

- Horseshoe nailed above the door of the house, especially brings great luck to all who live in it, if you take it off the back foot a gray mare.

- Horseshoe nailed on the bow of the vessel, protects it from storms, and anglers always promises a good catch.

- If the shoe was found on the road rural road, it should pick up, spit on it and throw over your left shoulder, making a wish. Desire is sure to be granted! In general, to find a horseshoe on the road - fortunately.

- Horseshoe in a car will not only protect the wearer from accidents, but also will bring him good luck in business.

- Horseshoe placed on the first night of the full moon on the windowsill inside ends (the ends of the apartment), will begin to attract money into your home and everything to facilitate the material well-being of the family.


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