1st regiment of mounted police operative Moscow

It's about the first operational shelf mounted police of the Moscow police,
it turns out, they have four times the horse patrols than in London.

Horse Regiment located in a good area of ​​Moscow, near the metro station and Leningrader Airport. Imagine how much willing to build this section of elite houses and offices.

The main task of the regiment - preventing crime, patrolling forest parks of the city and to maintain order at public events. Now there are about 1 000 people and 255 horses (in London - 60!).

The service begins with the hour and a half of training horses. Then the staff and the animals are sent to the area of ​​service, receive weapons and begin to shift. It lasts for five hours, after which the arms and surrender obmurdirovanie ago, and the staff caring for the horse. If the place of service is not in the vicinity of the location of the regiment, for the transportation of used cars.

They put six horses and cavalrymen.

In veterinary hospital for a long time we talked about the features of the service and care of the animals. Buy horses at the age of three years old, castrated year trained and prepared for service. The service lasts about 15 years, after which the animals are sold on city auctions. The purchase price is about 150 000 rubles. Zhuvut horses average 25-30 years.

The horse is very shy animal. If you suddenly pulls sharply, it is likely to bounce, so their specially trained. For example, horse cavalry order to move forward, and on them shoot tennis balls, simulating throwing stones from the crowd.


There the regiment and its anvil. Let's see, how do horseshoe.

Haskalah, punched holes for the nails.

Even as doing a particularly complex element that does not always turn out as it should - tab to Horseshoe slipping.

Then it turned out that it's more for such guests as we have for the soul. In Use And usually ready horseshoe factory.

The award-winning third place in the competition farriers, Anatoly Zhukov, showed how the horses were shod.

At first everything is cleaned thoroughly, remove the old layer and aligned. Then applied horseshoe, then removed and finally podgonyatetsya to form the hoof. Remains stabbed him six nails and you're done. On the professional competition on all four legs is given 45 minutes. If the horse goes on an arena - Horseshoe holds 90 - 125 days (2-3 reforging).

Rental - sessions with young horses.

One thousand employees, 175 - women. 165 of them are directly involved in patrols.

Arena, by the way, happy. With all the attributes of the Soviet past.

Salary trooper after one year of service - 22 - 23 tr This includes salary, bonus and Luzhkov allowance for the care of animals (1 TR!). Maximum trooper gets 32,000. This is only nine thousand less than it receives Sergey Chistyakov (conducted our tour), deputy commander of the regiment, Lieutenant Colonel, who served for 34 years. His salary - TR 41

Special feats regiment has been committed. On the other hand, must have been prevented many crimes. Who knows how many people have disappeared in Moscow parks if their every day is not patrolled by mounted police.

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