Energy potential - is the life force ...

Energy potential - is the life force, which indicates the spiritual development of man, it is an opportunity to act. Only from energy potential depends on which floor of today is people. This is not the same thing as the energy. Between them can not equate.

The differences between them can best be seen in their relationship to the second law of thermodynamics. The concept of energy is inseparable from the concept of entropy. As regards the energy potential, it is involved with the same success as in the entropy (losses), and in antienthropy (return) processes. So, we can say about the energy potential as an energy-rich new features.

Energy potential can be distinguished genetically from parents, and operational - in addition to earn yourself a man in the process of life. This ball of energy - bio-field affects not only the environment, but also on all the systems within the body, and each cell separately. Depending on their level of spiritual development of people use their energy in different ways: one - for wealth, others - for pleasure, and others - on self-improvement and creativity while achieving success in life and without losing health.

Base (main) energy potential person inherits at birth. He transferred to the child no less than their parents in order that he might go further than they did. This law of nature. This is the foundation that provides life without violating the integrity of the body and soul. A man who lives in harmony with nature and the wisdom of a docile body (without prejudice to health), live long healthy, maintaining vitality, performance and a clear mind.

Operational (acquired) energy potential - it is the energy that a person multiplies throughout life and that gives him the opportunity to act. Its essence is that the more energy uses man, the more he gets, provided no breach of integrity (the wisdom of the body).

That is, we have to work to the point of fatigue to return (anti-entropy) energy wave not only regained strength, but also added energy. Acting, we spend its energy on maintaining the health, education and livelihoods, but in parallel with costly works return (antienthropy) mechanism to renew and increase operational energy potential.

For example, people worked hard, moving, tired, but he strengthened the respiratory, motor and other systems that return he acquired a new energy and good mood. If a person listens to the voice of his body - his actions, thoughts and feelings run antienthropy mechanism.

Thus obtained energy - this is the field in which thoughts and feelings are born, because you can feel only what is in the energy field of human activity, and this feeling can comprehend only when the operational power potential enough to thicken the sensory information into thought ie recrystallize it. If a person lives, gritting his teeth, cultivates evil and destructive thoughts - its operational energy potential burns, exposing the base. Hence the conclusion: the poorer the operational energy potential, the more banal thoughts.

Negative emotions: "I do not want boring, but I do", "do not like it, I can not, but I do" does not include antienthropy process and lead to large losses: how much to spend, and so impoverished! If a waste of energy takes place against the backdrop of negative feelings and emotions, it is only the entropy mechanism (loss), performance decreases, chronic disease gets out.

So, we can conclude that nothing is taken out of nowhere, so there is nothing to nowhere and does not disappear. Our experience, charged and stored base accumulated over a lifetime of operational energy does not disappear and merge into the universal energy-information field, from which we then draw energy and information in order to achieve success in life.


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