The four principles of faithful wife!

There are four principles of chastity women who give her a chance to win a misfortune in the family:
1. It must be faithful to her husband.
2. It must respect him.
3. It should help him in his business.
4. She should respect his relatives.
If a woman is in compliance with all these four principles, it is able to create a happy family. A man can succeed in society, if he is very serious about his wife. Because female nature - it is the nature of energy. That is, the woman is believed in the Vedas, is the power, energy. In men, however, the principle of responsibility, the principle of knowledge. If the husband bad relationship with his wife, then it will be distributed around a force that will not allow to establish relationships with others, or at least complicate them. When the family of a man a good relationship, the man succeeds in society. The greatest power in the universe - is the power of female chastity. If a woman is very devoted to her husband, the husband succeeds in all his affairs.
The Vedas tell that he lived a very powerful demon, he possessed extraordinary abilities ... And he tried to conquer the universe. His wife was so chaste that no one could beat her husband in battle. The strongest person of the world, and her husband was not so powerful, were unable to defeat him, because the power of female chastity - the largest in the universe. Only deceit, cunning, they were able to win. To his wife was an enemy in the guise of her husband, and the wife of the demon thought it was her husband ... that is another muzhchinu.kak took his muzha.V the same time her husband poetryal his defense and was killed ...

If a man thinks that all the power inside him, if he is a family man, he is mistaken - the whole force, in fact, is inside his wife: how it can be true, so he is able to succeed in life, this is the principle. Happiness woman is also in the hands of men: how he will be responsible, purposeful, how he will lead his family the right path, so happy to be a wife, a woman.


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