Card body: at the level of the body to change a life

A pretty sight – and the person can understand, if not all, very much. To understand what is now happening to him. Because any thought, any concern immediately fixed in a certain place of the body.

For example, the man preoccupied with some problems, under the weight bent the top back. I wonder will there be any problems if you try to straighten?

Just be warned: interview with Irina Globa is not to diagnose one's neighbours and to work on yourself.

How our body expresses our state? Why is this happening? What is the relationship?

The body is inert. It is very long remembers and stores all experiences of the person. Part of this generic program which are transferred from genus to genus.

For example, everyone in the family has scoliosis, and if the early childhood program responsible for its appearance do not change (parents raising a child with the same settings that you received from your parents and reinforced by personal experience), the child most likely also will suffer from scoliosis. This does not mean that he must be the scoliosis, but it does mean that he has a predisposition to the formation of the curvature of the spine due to the operation of programs.

There are programs quick not to splash out the emotions that disturb you for a short time. For example, I came to work and had a fight with the boss – fast program.

Quickly programs easily tracked and, therefore, they can be faster to remove.

If the problem, the problem torments you for a long time, a block in the body can become chronic. Creating a background in your vibrational field, this unit attracts a situation similar to the problem where it originated. Like attracts like.

Body, free from chronic blocks is an excellent tool for any practitioner, as it is much easier flows and carries energy, it younger, healthier.

And then it all depends on how you work your mind as work your feelings. Everything is interconnected.

Through the body we can understand absolutely everything about a person. To understand what is now happening to him. Because any thought, any concern immediately fixed body in a certain place.

Examples? If a person has any problems (know it all), he immediately bent upper back. Even if it is the ballerina who used to go as a string exactly, still microscopic, but it will be offset. Just the level of bias have worked out of the body and unexamined will be different.

Every part of the body stores the blocks responsible for different spheres of life and experiences. The set of blocks in various parts of the body and makes the overall picture about a particular person. Every man and his map of the body is highly individual and, accordingly, requires individual approach.

– Why the concern tips the spine?

– Well, as the burden of problems is placed on the shoulders. Each body part is responsible for something, it's psychosomatic principles.

– Can briefly tell you what is responsible for what?

– Please.

Legs are responsible for the way forward, but if it is in General to say, I won't get paint all.

Stop wrapped inside, suggests that the person closing the way, is not ready to use all capabilities that it provides life. Wrapped the left foot covers the personal life, the right social sphere. There are exceptions, but very rarely. If the person is severely pigeon-toed, then either it is too open, everybody says, or very closed. Turned inward position of the foot affects the condition of the preloaded anus, kidney preloaded, preloaded lower back, the pelvis – it is impossible to walk in a relaxed way.

If the seat is unscrewed groin (legs wide apart) – it's more open stance (mostly sexual position), groin folded – closed position.If a woman squeezes my knees and upper legs (this happens often), it tells about sexual stiffness, stiffness or too strict parenting.

The hip joint is connected with sexual sphere.

And then it all resembles a chakra, that is the Central chakra – the social life, fears, resentments – it's all there. Heart – love of self, love of the world, the love of God.

Hands – first of all, communication skills. Wrist – very, very many meanings, but it is immediately possible to see the gentleness of the man, the stiffness of a man, according to certain movements, you can tell how a person is greedy, how he is generous.

If you make a movement as if we take something in front of him, turning the brush and reach and straight back, by the sharpness of this movement, on how to tighten the fingers, as the man removes his hand (specifically to itself, or resets halfway, or leads away), once it is clear who will not miss her. There are people who are making this movement, not even pinch your fingers: like takes and like takes. And you take – so take, if you give, take and run. Even on such elementary examples it is possible to track the main properties of the character.

The shoulders show the goods – thatthe emotional load of problems. Because sometimes people have really lots of problems (although I like to call them challenges and not problems), but he's very easy going, and in this case with the shoulders it'll be all right. And sometimes the problem with the claw, and the man to the elephant raises – then the shoulders will be loaded. It is the degree of emotional congestion from occurring in life.


The neck has a lot of aspects of life, strength, etc. in short, so.

– Can through the change of position of the body, through tracking their movements to change state?

– Definitely. With the help of movements can quickly change the mood. Making certain movements, you can set yourself up for something you need. For example, you need to go for a buffet. At the reception one will run around the room, all communicate, and the second is to stand in the corner and expect to match. If you're more likely to stand in the corner, and with all you need to communicate, you can use physical exercise for 15 minutes to bring yourself into a state when you're fluttering around the room.

With longer lessons you can clean up any syndrome – a unit from the body is removed gradually. But this requires intention and action, as always. When the block is removed, the person can even shake; he makes some simple exercise, and he had a feeling that he unloads the car. It can be hot, it's hard, but when the block is removed completely, there is a reverse momentum in the subcortex of the brain and the person starts the same thing perceived differently, changing his attitude and when the attitude is attracted to other situations. The principle is similar – it's simple.

– You talked about the set of exercises that will help all to get acquainted. Can you give examples of exercises, how to do it?

When a person is uncomfortable to communicate, he presses the hands to the body, lifts the shoulders, and adopts a closed posture. Remember when you find yourself uncomfortable in a society where you're uncomfortable. Note that you automatically clamp the upper part of the body, put their hands to the torso. One of the movements aimed at the liberation of this area – elementary mill in a relaxed state, a mill with jumping, whirling with arms to the side, just jumping on the spot with arm raise. Need energy invested in the movement, aimed at areas of the arms and the torso.

– Self-organization?

– Self-organization is more complicated because it is necessary to implement a core – test, build your back, reach up (after all, we are drawn to a better, higher "I"). And then to ensure that when the rod was the relaxation of the body. That is, self-organization – a somewhat more lengthy process. There are things that can be done quickly and without the help of a professional. And there are things that need to construct tailored to the individual characteristics of the person, because the role of the man who just relaxed, and he needs to get together is one thing, but the role of the man in whose nature lies the airiness and which is generally collected by definition can not – here the whole complex. Immediately give the recipe difficult.

– Can you tell me how different negative States such as fear, workload, fatigue, uncertainty, manifest in the body?

– Usually clamped to some of the centres.

If it's fatigue, workload, emotional problems – upper back, if it is a heart problem (this often happens), of course, drawn in the heart center.

You are offended by someone from his family – from there podsokratili. If it is connected with society – podsokratili will be higher in the center of society.

If the problem is sexual, there are weaknesses in the hip joint. For example, a vivid symptom of the fact that the person feels helpless – it will stick out the ass. And the man determines for himself, to feel in this situation, helpless or not, although sometimes it can be both child and family program.

If the very strong feelings associated with the material, could be an injury of the coccyx.

– We talked about things at the level of the body to change state and to change a life. Can you give an example?

There are people who hollow out the knees in the opposite direction. Seen one of these? They have a lot of stubbornness. As soon as bend your knees, once the pelvis goes back (not out of the blue my knees with flat basin) and the machine appears tummy (abdominal muscles gradually relax, respectively, with time the authorities come forward). And often, when a person is stubborn, his stubbornness, he does not see the breadth of what is happening, he stubbornly follows something, and it is good for him.

Sometimes it's worth listening to the advice, because advice is given not just. You can try to walk on slightly bent legs (oseltamivir) and to make sure that the knee was free. If you are standing in such a cruel position when you have a completely flat "broken" knees, try sharply to dart off and run. Uncomfortable, filled up with the nose forward. Now soften your knees a little bit, they're not bent, just loose. Move forward easily? Yes. That is exactly the same in real life. If the knees are bent, then the priest goes back – accumulating helplessness.

Yet there is one syndrome is the inversion of the pelvis forward. Slightly bend your knees and scroll round with the pelvis (body not working). There are women that have no conclusion pelvis forward, they cannot scroll circle forward efficiently, make the rear a large circle, and in front of it is almost there. This suggests that on a subconscious level they don't see themselves in the future happy with a man (partner) in sexual terms. Many single women who have a fear of the absence of her husband, men in the future will be skewed. If the circle is uniform, in front as behind, it's a balance.

– You were talking about the castle base which is needed for everything. How to build, can give some technique?

– There is a whole system of exercises aimed at the elaboration of micromist. Usually during physical activity (including gym) we work the strongest muscles, and it is important to strengthen the small muscles that support the spine.

At the same time requires stretching of the spine to protrusion, because the force of gravity has not been canceled.

Let's say a person needs easy to operate the blades, they should not be "welded". Often from inactivity, the number of concerns the blade loses its mobility, and it movements should work 100%. Because the shoulder must rotate in all directions, without causing any complications, and if it does not work the blade, the movement of the shoulder is difficult.

Spin is the Foundation of a full life. She needs to be healthy and worked out every person, the methods of elaboration there are different.

When you want to hide from the situation (you are sitting in a meeting but you did your homework, or exam are not prepared), you will immediately raise the shoulders and pull the neck.

What if I want to show that I am combat ready?

– Lower the shoulders consciously, get ready for it by stretching the neck. Prolonged "wearing" of this syndrome, the neck becomes shorter, there is a second chin.

The body is the same layer as the work head, work with the thoughts. People used to work with the thoughts, believing that the body can leave. But the point is that in the body much longer retain the memory of that attracts unnecessary human situation.

You try to think positively, telling yourself that you're okay, and that's sitting in your program "life thing is hard, for all must fight," and it keeps your back curved, and the situation troubled sypyatsya sypyatsya. Because the body is upset. And only then, when the body does not create this negative background, and thoughts and feelings shape what you want, you will attract good situations in life.

– What can you wish people who will read this article?

– Like attracts like, and if a man feels rich, and his body fonit "program of poverty", he always will be money.

Making less money? From fear, from insecurity.

How to get rid of fear, from insecurity? If we are talking about the body to engage the body. It is necessary a priori to be happy and to feel the fullness and joy of life – and then it will be attracted to what you are missing in this picture. Accordingly, the body must be free to the perception of everything that is coming to you.

Also – this youth, this beauty.

Youth is how a person feels. There are grandmothers who are 80 years old can sit in any asana, or grandparents who are able to run cross-country in 90 years – this says about youth. In a decrepit body and a healthy mind does not happen as the minimum, because energy is not as strong, the intention is not as strong.

Engage in a, to be young, healthy, to let a miracle into your life – and then everything will be, including the money.

There are people who until the end of his days, and there are people who are 30 years old already lying on the couch, watching TV and ranting about life. It's a person's choice.


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Your body never lies


On the one hand, there are people who are constantly tense all the time, collected, strained, as a string. Such a person can have money and be successful. It is absorbed by the material, its purpose, he achieves this, but the question is, if he has time to enjoy it?

And someone sitting under a palm tree, doing nothing, eating a banana and also enjoys life. Everyone has their own choice and way of your enjoyment. The question is how you want to enjoy life.published




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