How to eat and live. Do not force yourself, just observe

12 rules of power

In today's lifestyle, under the influence of advertising attacks unhealthy "food" to talk about the natural diet is not necessary. Just as it is not necessary to talk about the natural state of consciousness of people. Therefore it is absolutely necessary rules of supply, reducing immunity.

1. Eat to live, not live to eat

Meals - not an end in itself but a means to an end. Realizing higher sense of life and its purpose, you need to eat only healthy foods that contribute to the acquisition of the necessary physical and mental qualities for effective action towards the Supreme Goal.

2. Hunger - the truth, and the appetite - a lie

Appetite - is the desire to eat something delicious. A hunger - is, on the one hand, the willingness to eat any food (such as after a long walk in the nature or after a hard physical work) and, on the other hand, precise knowledge of what kind of food is currently required by the body (calorie or vitamin , sweet or salty, liquid or solid, ordinary or extraordinary - chalk or salt, for example, and so on. n.).

Appetite - is the result of long-loose feeling and lack of volitional humility. Nutritional concerns or appetite may also be associated with the unconscious desire to "disconnect" from the effects of stress, distraction of taste. Similarly, there may be other desires are not justified by real needs of the organism. Usually this is due to mental stress of modern lifestyle.

Animals eat only when hunger. A man perverse abundance, has long been an exception to this rule of nature.

Shutter speed and composure in any situation free from obsessive attachments and allow you to live in their natural motivation of the body, reaching full-fledged famine.

In a state of starvation born exact intuitive knowledge of the body as a necessary product. Meals feeling of hunger in the short term fixes, "overweight", cleanses from toxins and returns pradavnee natural health. This happens only on the power of the real needs.

It is necessary to stop eating before reaching satiety and fullness of the stomach. Fill your stomach up to half should be left to one-quarter of its volume of water and a quarter - for free movement of digested food in it and expanding gases.

Often, the process of digestion is accompanied by a high consumption of energy from existing stock in her body. In the case of overeating or food indigestible food is often the case when the amount obtained from the portions of food energy comparable to the amount of energy expended by the body to digest it. Usually in such cases, a person becomes sleepy after eating, lazy, long after the meal feels fatigue. In addition, overeating is a "shock" to load the digestive organs and causes their illness.

3. How do you drink - and live

The human body is largely composed of water. And on its quantity and quality depends on your metabolism. Managing drinking regime, can have a significant impact on the internal rhythms and the condition of the body.

Many believe that from the large amount of water to get fat, and try to drink as little as possible. In fact water is not put on weight, and because it is taken with food too much salt, which retains water in the body.

Water is the same - it is the juice of life. And without enough water plants, for example, wither. Or vice versa - thrive when they enough water. Man, of course, not a plant, but its metabolism similarly dependent on the desired amount of water in the body.

In addition, people become overweight due to an imbalance of energy intake and expenditure - the amount of food eaten and spent on active physical and mental activity calories.

In countries with temperate climates, the daily body's need for water is 1, 5-2 liters of 2-3 liters in winter and summer.

Managing drinking regime, can influence the appearance of hunger. And depending on individual lifestyles and circumstances can provoke its rapid occurrence or, alternatively, later comes. So, if it becomes clear that the possibility to eat will be at a fixed time and then this opportunity will not, and the hunger for this time is unlikely to occur, you can stimulate the appearance of it, drinking half a glass of water every 15-20 minutes. Then hunger will be faster. If, conversely, the famine has already appeared, and the opportunity to eat there yet, then do not drink the water should be. Or, you can drink some brew of herbs. It dulls the sense of hunger until the opportunity to eat.

In any case it is better to drink a half hour before eating a glass of water or herbal brew. And after the meal, drinking water or welded herbs and rinsing the mouth and esophagus, it should be limited to the amount in order to avoid diluting the gastric juice and the deterioration of digestion.

4. The solid food - drink and liquid - eat

In the process of digestion of food with saliva interaction is important. Saliva - an active biochemical substance, it is necessary for full digestion. And in order to make it stand out and participated in the process of digestion, solid food should be chewed to liquid mixture of saliva, without neperezhevannymi remaining pieces of food. A liquid food (milk, soup, fruit drinks, juices, herbal teas and so on. N.) Do not need to rush to swallow, but first make a "tasting" movements of the tongue and jaw, mixing food with saliva. Only then can it swallow.

Zapivaniya cooking water does not replace the digestive function of saliva dilutes the gastric juice is not conducive to the full digestion.

5. Enjoy an empty stomach

We have to live, keeping calm. And when you eat - no need to rush, or to seek to eat more, even if you eat a delicacy. Food should remain in the mouth for as long as the taste is felt. This technique allows you to get the maximum taste sensations from a minimum of food. Using this technique, it is possible, on the one hand, for a long time to enjoy the flavors and, on the other hand, saturated with the third part of the usual amount of food. Since satiety centers in the brain is dependent on the number of received signals from the receptors of the mouth, teeth and others. Instead of the feeling of gastric fullness. This technique allows you to avoid overeating, slagging and obesity.

6. Do not chase two hares

What is done without distraction, it performed much better quality than that which is accompanied by a "parallel" activities.

You do not need to combine food with something that distracts attention from her. For example, reading, talking, watching TV, and so on. N. Distraction centers of the brain do not get enough information about the signal quality and quantity of food consumed. This leads to gluttony, poor chewing, misaligned products and overeating with all its consequences.

During the meal, you need to think about food, its excellent quality, usefulness and pleasure, bestowed it to obtain the maximum pleasure and positive emotions. Eating - is indivisible ritual prayer of the highest ideals.

7. Morning starts in the evening

No need to have at least 4 hours before bedtime. A better - 7 hours before bedtime. To many it will seem strange. But for such an offer has a number of important reasons.

Firstly, the food is normally digested and moves in the stomach and intestines, only while the person is awake and moving. And most importantly - until his body is in a vertical position, the direction of the gravitational component promotes easy movement of food in the intestines. If you eat before going to bed, during sleep, when all life processes are slowed down, the gravitational component directed perpendicular to the body lying person, does not help the movement of food in the intestines, leading to its stagnation and fermentation, slagging of the organism, formation on the walls intestinal fecal stones, an increase in the intestines and stomach, poor intestinal motility, the development of diseases of the digestive system, poor sleep and inadequate recovery night. And in the morning - to the difficult awakening, swelling, bad breath and other complications.

Secondly, the proposed mealtime bedtime associated with the valid rate of digestion of certain foods. Starchy foods (vegetables, fruits, grains and so on. D.) Is completely digested and passes through the intestines of about 4 hours. A protein foods (meat, beans, nuts, and so on. D.) - 7 hours.

Generally, to stimulate a strong metabolism, increase endurance, physical strength, health and life expectancy is the best food once a day - in the afternoon.

No person, unless he is sick or not "crippled" civilized habits, do not want to eat in the morning - right after sleep. Weak demand for food can appear no earlier than an hour after waking up, but not nearly like a famine, which truly come into force no earlier than 4 hours after sleep, or even later. Next hunger rarely appears before bedtime. And that causes people to be constantly "concerned about nutrition", is, as a rule, not hunger, and stress response in the modern conditions of life.

8. Do not force yourself

Violence against itself as detrimental as in relation to the other.

You should never make a "sharp movements" in life, and is much more useful to soften contrasts.

If you need to change eating habits and to exclude from it some food, it is better to do it slowly and gradually, so that the metabolism time to restructure and reduce the "pressure" of habits.

Never need to limit their habits at once, hard willed by bans and repression (violence). This approach aims to fight with the consequence, not the cause.

Strong-willed ban does not eliminate the roots of habits (addictions), and vice versa - nourishes and strengthens them. When he acts against the habit, then (action equals reaction) blocks in memory that store "attributes" habits, fueled by the energy of attention and strengthened. This leads to an increase in strength of desire to eat the forbidden product (like the water of the river, which put the dam and its source does not dry). This misguided approach sooner or later lead to an "explosion" and overeating forbidden product in an amount much greater than if people continued to eat it as usual.

Habits contained in memory. First of all, it should operate on the level of control of attention.

If the focus returns to the memory block containing the sensory information about the taste of products that form the habit (or addiction), then it should be easy, gently and subtly distract from these units and switch to something else, without a trace of memories. Without recharge energy attention to the information in the memory weakens and fades (the source of the river dries up). So you need to gradually replace the available memory in old habits with new, containing information about what this food - not for you, and it does not edible, like straw or earth. Such changes in the minds require some time and active self, but it is a sure path to success.

9. Clean - a sign of divinity

To maintain health is absolutely necessary to maintain not only external but also internal cleanliness, which largely depends on the quality of food and water, as well as natural processes and special cleansing the body.

Any owner of the machine is well aware that its work depends on the purity of gasoline, oil and air in the engine. And, of course, he knows that the service life is directly dependent on the content of foreign particles in the oil sump of the engine, and its capacity is determined by the quality of gasoline. But the fact that the human body just needs a clean fuel, lubrication and regular maintenance cleaning, for many reason, it is very difficult to understand. They smoke, drink, take drugs, wasting vital force ..... eating foods that are in the natural criteria are not food at all, and so on. D. They have no time or laziness. They simply have no time to love yourself, but when there is work to ensure that the prestigious (but stupid). But the living organism should be much smaller than a car because it is much more economical, and he fights for himself. It has a self-cleaning and self-healing mechanisms. And if he is at least not hinder, the parts do not have to change for years. And if it a little help, it will be "to serve faithfully" until old age.

In the tradition of Yoga has accumulated a wealth of experience in the cleaning measures for the recovery, rehabilitation and strengthening of the body, which is in the World borrow all those involved in rehabilitation - from single-enthusiasts to major medical corporations cultivating methods of rehabilitation. It is now published numerous special and popular literature, where you can find answers to questions about special methods of cleaning the body.

As for the natural cleaning of the body, it is necessary to introduce a rule to make a regular weekly starvation from 24 to 48 hours. During this period, all the organs of digestion are well rested, restored and self-cleaning. This fasting is best done at the weekend, when you can avoid stressful situations and control the state of mind, t. E. Be quiet. In order to better cleanse and normalize metabolism fasting can be accompanied by drinking water or welded herbs.

In special cases, fasting can be a "dry", t. E. Without drinking at all.

If the body is very intoxicated and weak, are diseases of internal organs and metabolism already broken, then fix it can be prolonged fasting - from 3 to 50 days. But this can only be done after a preliminary detailed theoretical training under the guidance of experts.

Speaking of clean food and clean mind, we must remember not only about the purity of food, but also the purity of the methods of obtaining food. It depends on the purity of the "thin" causal plan of human existence.

10. What you eat - and then you have

The body is formed from the elements that it receives. And he gets the quality of these elements.

Eat only fresh, clean, pleasant taste, vibrant, full of vitamins and energy food. Forget about the fact that in the West people with experience have long been referred to as "junk food" ("junk food") - all these chips, hamburgers, canned sausages, mayonnaise, and so on. N.

It is foolish to strive to use in an increasing number of expensive and scarce, which means that "prestigious" products. After all, while the body is not powered and self-asserting a sense of exclusivity. Uses the same for the body of such products is usually no, often - only harm.

For many of the world began to realize that a truly prestigious - to be healthy and strong, always look beautiful and feel good about themselves.

By controlling the diet, you can consciously influence the formation of his body, the state of the senses, the mind and the causal relationships (Destiny). It is a fact proven by centuries and experience the set of scientists.

11. Do not mix incompatible

Digestion of various products is due to various biochemical reactions, acid or alkali. Combining these products in one meal leads to acid-base neutralization and formation of useless salts, which significantly complicates the process of digestion.

12. "no dogma" - says the first dogma ➡

Determine the mode and diet, should, of course, take into account all of the above rules and regulations, but we should never forget to focus primarily on well-being.


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