Ayurveda: How to get rid of bloating, constipation and excess weight

Approximately every third person in the world suffers from any digestive disorders. Ayurveda tells us that the solution to this problem is contained not in the next bottle of pills, and proper nutrition and in combination products.We all know that healthy, whole foods benefit our body. However, to pile his plate lots of useful products indiscriminately is not the best option.Lentils with fish, along with sweet potatoes and goat cheese, topped with on top of all avocados with greens to anyone takes stomach heaviness and sluggishness, despite the fact that all of these products are very useful.

So for blooming health and a happy flat tummy should not just eat healthy foods, but also how to combine them.

Then, in what order and in what combinations we eat different types of foods, as well as their number, determines how well our body digests and absorbs essential nutrients. The better we digest and assimilate food, the less likely the formation of toxic substances and accumulation of unwanted fats in the body, the less we are attracted to unwholesome food.

For different types of products require certain absolutely necessary that these products are digestive enzymes. It knows anyone who passed high school biology. But despite this, as a society, we seem to have lost sight of the vital importance of this fact. Namely, absorbing many different types of foods at one meal we require our digestive glands to produce lots of different digestive enzymes simultaneously.

For example, the use of banana along with dairy products (such as banana-milkshake) can significantly slow down your digestion, change the intestinal flora, lead to the formation of toxins, and cause nasal congestion, cold, cough, and various allergies.

If you think about it, it becomes clear that our ancestors were not able to combine lots of different food groups per meal. In those days, any food included no more than two or three types of products. Now we eat “at one sitting” at least 6-7 different types of foods and mercilessly overloaded our digestive system.

If all this seems too complicated, here is a small “cheat sheet” on compatibility of ingredients according to Ayurveda:
  • Avoid combination of milk or yogurt with sour fruit and citrus. Yes, it means that yogurt with fruit is not considered “healthy Breakfast” from the point of view of a healer, practitioner of Ayurveda. Eat them separately.
  • Do not eat fruits, along with potatoes or other starchy foods. Fructose (fruit sugar) and other sugars are digested very quickly, while on the digestion of starches takes much more time. In this case, the sugar will not be digested as it should.
  • Melons should generally have separate, or not at all.
  • Try to eat fruit on an empty stomach — so you will get the greatest amount of nutrients.
  • Avoid eating foods subjected to heat treatment together with raw food.
  • Do not eat meat protein with dairy protein.
  • Milk and fermented dairy products should not be consumed together. The action of hydrochloric acid in the stomach to curdle milk. So Ayurveda advises not to use milk combined with sour fruits, yogurt, sour cream, cheese, and fish.
  • Very cold drinks should not be consumed together with food or immediately after food as this reduces the power of Agni and slow digestion. Conversely, warm or cool water, Propylaea small SIPS during a meal will help with digestion. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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