Energy gymnastics hand from Yoshiro Tsutsumi

Yoshiro Tsutsumi is a Japanese specialist, has achieved considerable success in its long-term scientific and practical work. Based on the millennial tradition of Chinese medicine – they played an important role in Japan, especially in the field of acupuncture and Oriental massage. Tsutsumi has developed a set of performed your exercises in order to improved well-being. However, this is only part of the system.

He also took into account practice of abdominal breathing, a beneficial effect on the body yoga poses and muscle contractions, which activate the energy flow of life.

In the proposed Yoshiro Tsutsumi guide massage there are exercises that can be called basic, even fundamental. They awaken a force of energy with which he feels more stable in a changing world. All these exercises allow you to effortlessly tune in to the negative resistance, while remaining perfectly calm. Aware of the role of mental equilibrium, whereby a person is protected from outside irritating and disturbing on the inside.

The famous gesture – the traditional Japanese greeting – has incredible strength, and not because he entered in a strict social system: it expresses the ability to maintain a particular dignity.

Or as popular Japanese rock gardens, where one is invisible, but only when his presence possible reconstruction of communal harmony, perfection and completeness.

Or that the beauty of tones, which are peculiar only to the inhabitants of the Japanese Islands, with exceptional subtlety of perception of the slightest manifestations of the natural world.

All this in the most active way affects the existence of man. It is here (and not only in the specific climate and cooking habits) is the secret of longevity of Japanese.

First of all, you should learn four basic exercisesthat are suitable for almost every occasion. They are your wands-the wand, because the active effect that you have on the point stimulates the brain, as if to clarify your energy and accumulates the immune power.


Take a deep breath through the nose. Bending your elbows, move your fingers to eye level, holding the palms towards each other. It is important to ensure that your fingers touch each other. A gesture reminiscent of prayer posture (Fig. 1, a). Then exhale – still deep, but this time through the mouth and exhale slightly lower your right hand, fingers which cover the bent phalanges of the fingers of the left hand, down. It turns out that you seemed to be aiming to keep the sliding arm (Fig. 1, b).

Again on the inhale (it is the nose) left hand releases the right, and that moves up and now her fingers are bent in the phalanx, covering the fingers of the left hand. You like rubbing the palm of your hand, but adding to the usual procedure a little unexpected movements.

Repeat these Pomerania several times – up to 15; the rhythm should be fairly measured – not slow but also not worth the rush. The movement in any case remain smooth.

And again, keep your hands below eye level. It is very important to combine breathing, rhythm and position in space. Only it allows the energy to reach the organs, the smooth operation of which makes you a healthier person.


Hands are placed in front of chest. Palms touching. Do not strain. Make yourself comfortable. Take a few normal breaths. Such breathing exercises will allow you to tune in to the next rapid movement.

Then quickly, decisively stretch your fingers wide, located parallel to each other, the fingers of the left and right hands met: the big – with thumb, index – with the index, etc. You do design a "crest". But that's not all. Just as quickly, disconnect the palm and wrist. Will now only touch the pads parallel to the fingers. If you play house.

Again palms together, parallel fingers pressed against each other, but spread out like a fan (Fig. 2). Exhale it should be through the mouth and very strong. Again, disconnect the palm of your hand, so pressed was only the finger pads. Make energetic breath. Several times repeat contact and separation.

This is one part of the exercise. Second, how would redirects the flow of energy. To do this, not throwing the tips of the fingers, develop hand to his chest. Fingers facing you. Again, repeat the clenching and unclamping ("house" – "fan").

In General, these movements make to 10 in a row. Breaths rhythmic, strong. Remember the importance of the harmonization of the breath and performed gymnastics fingers.

You can consider it as a game, but every game, especially like this, there is a serious point. Not ukucajte themselves talking to extremely accurate playback, but don't be frivolous. Remember that you are performing movements allow the body to get the necessary impetus to improve his life.


Take a few breaths, preparing for the procedure energy workout. Then raise your arms bent at the elbows at the level of the mouth. Palms facing you and touching the little finger. If you close yourself from something, surround secure. In this position you comfortable and peaceful. Well, then – consider.

Make a nice, full, smooth exhalation, and then slightly hold your breath, inhale through the nose (inhale the same full, measured) and bend your fingers, starting with the big right hands, one after the other: "one, two, three, four, five..." and so on until the last in the series of the thumb of the left hand.

At first glance, it's easy enough to do, but first you may have some difficulties. Don't worry, in this exercise it is important first of all that you bend the fingers in the phalanx, the perfect grace no one needs.

In the end, all the fingers will be bent. Then, of course, they need to be straightened. In the procedure known exercise is one important rule: always returns to its original position, because there's kind of a closing circle, there comes the desired fullness of the incarnation. This also applies to this exercise. Do exhale through the mouth, his hands and fingers from a big left hand to the big right – from the end to the beginning.

Repeat this movement at least 10 times. If you are not interested to consider, come up with some funny story that will enliven your lessons and make them not so boring, only to let it takes you not far from perform. Distracted still not worth it, otherwise the movement will be purely mechanical, and therefore their effectiveness will be reduced.


Now you will need helpers. Thanks to them you will be better able to influence on the active points located on the palms and on the hands, and there, as you know, acupuncture is the outputs of all organs.

Take walnuts. In the first part of the exercise, you will need one of them. Follow the circular movements of the nut at the brush, pushing them and holding his palm of the other hand. These circular movements will be the prelude to the same movements performed on the back of the hands.

For the second part of the exercise you will need four nuts. Take two nuts in each hand and try to fulfill their circular movements – right hand clockwise and the left counter – clockwise. Massaging one rotation is "solar", and the second "moon". In addition, this peculiar combination of vortices, accelerating the promotion of energy and impact to your active points.

However, you could see how someone rolls in the palms metal balls, adjusting itself to meditation or calming down after the experience. However, to abandon the "natural product" in favor of the metal is not necessary. It is important for you to feel the energy touch if you want warmth, to feel part of the big world, where there is a balance of life.

This exercise in the system. Tsutsumi is estimated as eliminating the irritability to deal with unnecessarily fast aging of the body, improving overall health.


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So you've mastered the basic exercises. They can be done from day to day. Neither too much time nor much effort you will require, and control the other person, e.g. teacher or mentor is also not necessary. But in the simplicity lies the key to an effective result.published

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