PSYCHOLOGY beautiful woman.

Psychology of women - is always a mystery. Psychology is a beautiful woman -tayna twice.
Based on the practice of androgynous-analysis - a unique method of deep correction for men and women - Svetlana Krylova and Nazip Khamitov describe the dramatic fate of the beauties and give practical advice on how to overcome the complexes and to be happy.
Soon you will be introduced to the book "The Psychology of a beautiful woman." In the meantime, the authors propose a fragment of one of the most interesting chapters.


1. Spring: hope

"Children, especially girls, need to always say that they are beautiful and that they are loved. If I have a daughter, I will always tell her that she's beautiful, she would comb her hair to shine and I will not leave her alone for a minute ... »

Marilyn Monroe

"Some of them do idle, waiting for the very best come to them for the sake of their physical charms ...»

Eric Berne


WOMAN: From childhood dreams of a beautiful girl "scarlet sails" and extraordinarily colorful life. Beauty since childhood promises her happiness. Even now, at the dawn of life, it feels like everything: beauty elevates it above the rest. Imagination paints a beautiful girl happy carefree life, full of joy and pleasure.
Beautiful little girl and lives easier. The kindergarten teachers are touched by it - do not punish, protect, exhibit more attention. On holidays it has the best part: The Snow Maiden, fairy or Cinderella. Cook put it best servings. Everyone's attention makes it more capricious. She unconsciously feels that is in some privileged position, and all it is allowed to start. This boundless attention sometimes corrupts it makes selfish and passive.
MAN: This situation is well described by Eric Berne, "Some of them do idle, waiting for the very best come to them for the sake of their physical charms. They are not trying to develop in the right direction and their identity primarily interested only in their appearance. (Bern E. Introduction to psychiatry and psychoanalysis to the uninitiated. - Simferopol, 1998. - S. 145).
Education in the family and kindergarten - this is the beginning of a beautiful girl selfish socialization. At school, this socialization takes place in the same spirit. Male teachers, and sometimes women overestimate her assessment, she forgive tardiness and absenteeism, on March 8 she gets more than other gifts from boys ...
WOMAN: ... It is allowed to write off, for it carried a portfolio, it endows notes and chocolates, it vied invited to visit and goodbye ...
But, unfortunately, but good in relation to it, there are bad. It is more likely than other girls, pull the pigtails, she can give some harmful nickname, shoved her into a portfolio of spiders, the first snow falls definitely into it ...
MAN: Side steps, tweaks and tremors - are the result of non-indifference to beauty as a child. And perhaps such resentment forced her to fight and defend its independence, will strengthen and develop personality.
WOMAN: But on the other hand, is "attention" with respect to it can make it evil and bitchy. And the whole subsequent life is revenge offenders.
MAN: always find the boy, who was passionately in love with her and protect her. But even if it will not have such protection, neurotic "attention" peers do not always turn her into a vengeful bitch. This can only result in borderline situations born of envy. Such situations are not only stress, but the deep trauma of the unconscious with the growing them complexes.
WOMAN: But you do not argue with the fact that in the life of a beautiful girl could not be less, and sometimes more stress than the usual?
MAN: Yes, it is. But it is always worth to distinguish between stress and psychological trauma. Not all produce stress injuries - the painful conditions that go into the unconscious, and the protection systems that are developed.
Another thing is that due to the increased attention at the beautiful girls are more likely to stress injuries. Remember this, dear parents.


WOMAN: Let's accept the fact that life is a beautiful girl's negative aspects are balanced by positive. At some point, a positive can be dominant, and she relaxes.
MAN: After experiencing a situation of early adolescence, when the attention of men constantly goes into aggression, in 15-16 years beautiful girl can enter into a state of relative physical and mental harmony, enjoying the attention of men.
WOMAN: It's not always the case. Sometimes it is at this age are destroyed egotistical illusion of compulsory happiness. Beautiful girl gets the attention of men, but it is the attention that flatters vanity, not always in the spiritual inclinations, and sometimes beautiful girl faces the problem of unrequited love. And if in 12 years that love is experienced relatively easy, in 16 - extremely painful.
MAN: Of course, the happiness or unhappiness of a beautiful girl may at any age. I have spoken only about the trend. The beautiful girl 15-16 physically issued, losing angular teenager just executed and its psychology, losing its sharp corners.
But at any age, in her heart there is a struggle. It is a struggle between self-esteem and self-love. I would call it more a struggle between egoism and happiness.
Subsequently, this fight will go through her whole life.


WOMAN: So, encountering heightened attention of others, seeing as it warned the slightest desire, beautiful girl at first unconsciously and then more and more consciously egoistic tendency manifests in your life.
These trends can then connect to the selfish type, which in relation to men will manifest itself as a bitch. They may come loose under the pressure of narcissistic tendencies. However, in the first and in the second case, the girl - a teenager - she will be unhappy.
WOMAN: Selfish tendencies manifest themselves early and often narcissistic that proven cases of androginanaliticheskoy my practice.
MAN: But I would really like to analyze how behaves pretty grown up to become a beautiful woman.

2. Summer: the path to the currently

The majority of men do not appreciate women youth and femininity.


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