About sin and matters to God

Igor Guberman:
... And then some questions I have become wary of asking - out loud, and even to himself. I have in mind the question of the fate and other mystics who care about us, but our will is not available. And mind - even more so. This has prompted me to a dream from my friend Volodya recently Fayvishevskomu. Sleep is: he died and is in heaven with God. The Creator, he distinguishes between bad - something clearly bearded in a huge white cloud, but his voice was heard clearly and distinctly. God tells him to repent and list the sins that Volodya remembers and is fully aware of. A friend of mine - the man responsible and thorough, so long and detailed talks. And God him thoughtfully and said good-naturedly:
 - Come back to earth, my son, and tarry a little more.
Then Volodya, taking advantage of a good opportunity, began to ask the Creator various existential questions, to which there was also a great hunter on the ground, but never found the answers. He asked carefully all that worried him there. And having heard, the Lord said to him angrily:
 - And you would not go, bore on dick?


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