Mom-Manager: 8 techniques that make life easier

Until the birth of our first son, I always secretly admired the moms who can easily and effort to devote to family, children and husband most of their time.

But I understood the reverse of the medal – the full self-realization in all senses for young mothers elusive as getting a full satisfaction from life.

Imagining himself in the role of mommy with the baby, sometimes I was sad, thinking that some part of me will be lost forever with the first cry of my newborn baby...


In the end, the dream of a family come true... it's been a few years, and what? Yes, a career as such, in the accepted sense was left behind. But increasingly I notice that my husband looks at me like I was too active Manager who manages a small, but very dynamic company called "Our family and two babies".

Andat some point I decided to perform my career and family to understand what is really going on with me and family.

The most pleasant and empowers is a delight wife on the theme that the welfare, recreation and other important issues, are solved as if by themselves. You should consider, and it turns out, it is to want, and all are reserves. But I know that is not even by itself it all happens. My organization such subtle but important points is, so to speak, the daily business process.

Yes, I am the leader, and talented! It was my first thought, but the enthusiasm had to restrain. No, I am the leader. The head only gives the team, for the leader is much more important development of all members of their team. So definition found.

Then I just started to analyze their functions and compare them with the work of any Manager.



8 techniques that make life easier, FormulirovkaproductiontasksI am well aware of the fact that if a task identified as a need to do something, the result will be quite predictable. Will be "something". And often also "somehow". Therefore, the family tasks are, so to speak, in SMART mode. Specifically. What, how, where, in what quantity and at what time. It can be controlled and it is easier to understand, especially when interacting with young family members. It is important to always leave some space for creativity to someone who will get the task to implement: we need and gradually developing independence.


Delegation isthe Pinnacle of diplomacy, I think. Video statement of the problem often discourages, denies its execution appeal. Especially if we are talking about a grown-ass man. Therefore, the task is not, in some cases, it must be delegated. Here I show your confidence, the confidence that he knows best what and how, but I only give the General direction and outline the desired result. Specifics, details and a detailed plan in this case is absolutely unnecessary, it is more important initiative and creative approach.


KontrolireverselinkPraise – how many in that sound! After a well-performed task there is nothing that motivates and makes you want to reach new heights, as a positive rating and time for the spoken words of support. But if the task was complex and large, there is a place and holiday and undisguised admiration.

With regard to control, here, too, in business: some stages of task execution it is important to control, to adjust the task itself, well and sometimes to catch the falling banner and just help.


Time management

The most important finding and the most useful skill for a young mom! Finally learn all the wisdom I got after the birth of two kids. The stunning conclusion: a half-hour baby sleep several times a day raises my personal effectiveness at times! 30 minutes to everything: coffee, wash the head, clean up, feed the cat, clean the pan, put porridge, view email... Yes this is the hardest quest I time pass all the more successful!


Rustinomgerilleraising two kids is, in fact, permanent extreme. But once it becomes clear that what is important and urgent and what can wait...for a year, and then another. How many cases I've learned to do, lying down in 20-30 minutes! And Yes, completely disappeared perfectionism and the straight a student syndrome: there's no time to reflect and bring everything to an insanely perfect condition.

Realizing that all of the above brought me from the work office and lectures of College professors, I thought, perhaps, asthe family Manager, I still don't know everything and know how. And decided to continue my education, go for the most affordable courses – ata nearby children's Playground. Andthat, I tell you, just a storehouse of management wisdom!

The first thing that struck me: komandoobrazovanie. Experienced and wise moms do from family, but whatever's inside her is a real team. Watching them, I saw many a natural inclination for this, like they have secret knowledge...


To miniaturistsNot to scream, not to give short, like a whip crack command. Namely to negotiate. Mom, who calmly and methodically explain to the kiddies why you should not beat the Sorry shovel on the head or smash sand castles built by Vera, just a delight. And the ability to persuade to go home and there's a nasty mess, while I would like to walk, play and run? Skill to negotiate, motivating, praising and explaining at the same time, I took in his managerial piggy Bank immediately.


Multitasking isAnother achievement of the wise mom, which I constantly observe on the Playground: they manage to conduct a conversation with my dad on the phone, stating the tasks for the evening, at the same time to explain to the child that you cannot take away someone else's toy and why is it impossible to beat a Sorry, but still calm down the same Sorry blaring the next three throat! It's just a show that is impossible to put down. And surely comes around, too: thanks to its multi-tasking, these unique family managers have the ability to check the lessons, put them to bed and discuss the problem at work at the same time. And no one feels left out neither the head of the family, neither the young student nor the youngest.

The mystery of this, I think, that some of the cases already pre-planned, prepared and thought out. And the arguments for Junior and senior praise, and words of support for her husband. And after their "professors" from the sandbox I began to plan many things that was quietly allowed to drift.


InnovationNew methods and innovative solutions in the field of education and upbringing is simply necessary. But not all of them were to my liking. For example, the idea of the tracking system and retention of hyperactive children using a five-meter leash. This helps moms where a lot of people keep an eye on the overly active baby. But I'm from this method refused...

But the idea of cooperative learning and control came to our family about the soul. Senior, learn verse, with the expression recites his younger, and he makes the evaluation, and commented on the weaknesses. Great idea, I think.

What conclusion I draw from your analysis? Yes, my professional development and personal growth to be envied! Not every office will have to master such a number of skills over several years. Yes, and to begin to come out of the proverbial comfort zone simply because there is no choice.

And the only one to admit saddens me a bit. Inthis endless deadlines and force majeure disappears, I have the ability to enjoy the moment. Which is just here and now, and which will never be repeated... except that after many years we will see a captured moment of happiness in the photo... But this MiG – is the most important thing in our lives, isn't it? published


Author: Pantyh Daria

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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