What kind of disease they say the wrinkles and complexion

As for the person to identify the human disease.

Quickly aging, hanging skin on the cheeks and the cheeks prevents that disease of the bladder.

Oecause chin and neck under jaw – health problems related to poor functioning of the kidneys.

Wrinkled, folded skin on the cheeks – a sign of diseases of the stomach and pancreas.

Crease across the chin points to the stagnation in the gallbladder, reducing the liver, disease of the bladder or genital organs.

Thinned, like parchment, dry skin on the cheeks and the cheeks – a sign of poor liver function, or the beginning of gastritis.

Periodic numbness of the chin indicates incipient disease of the heart and blood vessels.

The increase of the nose, the appearance of the wings of the nose vasculature, loose skin on the nose is a reddish or purple hue – the signs of incipient disease of the lungs or disease of the large intestine.

Deep lines from the nose to the corners of the lips indicate a decrease in function and pathology in the gastrointestinal tract, digestion problems.

If the creases from the nose to the chin are, then you need to get tested for the presence of gastric ulcers, gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice, colitis, enterocolitis, duodenal ulcer.


Wrinkles on the upper lip that runs parallel to the border of the lips, horizontally, warn about starting gynecological diseases.

Lowered corners of lips, wrinkles from the corners of the lips to the chin is a sign of gastritis with zero or low acidity of gastric juice, diseases of the pancreas.

If the lips and skin around the mouth with plenty of grooves, this indicates the likelihood of spasms in the large intestine and digestive problems.

Pallor of the skin around the lips, under the nose warns of diseases of the cardiovascular system, heart failure.

Bluish tinge to the skin between the nose and upper lip is a sign of respiratory failure, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis.

If you have persistent cracks in the corners of the mouth, this indicates a vitamin deficiency – lack of vitamins A, E, goiter, kidney failure, hydrometric, violation of water-salt metabolism.

Wrinkles over the bridge have the appearance of many crosses — a sign of diseases of the spine, the presence of intervertebral hernia.

Transverse wrinkles over the bridge warns of developing osteochondrosis, scoliosis, flat feet.

If on my forehead there are multiple deep transverse wrinkles is a sign of migraine.

Vertical deep wrinkles on the bridge of the nose indicates congestion in the body, tendency to edema, physical inactivity, lack of oxygen.

Deep vertical crease on the bridge of the nose between eyebrows is a sign of liver dysfunction, liver disease and gallbladder dyskinesia.

If deep vertical furrow on the bridge of the nose is more pronounced on the left side, it is a signal of disruption of the spleen.

The wrinkle in the middle of the forehead vertically, from nose to roots of the hair, signals the dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract, digestion disorders.

Swollen lower eyelids, wrinkles in the form of a Crescent pointing to the problems associated with the poor performance of the kidneys and bladder.

Permanently swollen eyelids – a sign of insufficient kidney function.

Constant puffiness of the lower eyelids, especially in the morning, signals the cardiovascular diseases.

Permanent strong blush on the cheeks, bounded on the perimeter, indicates serious problems with the lungs, destroying the alveoli, tuberculosis.

Yellow or greenish-grey skin indicates liver disease — hepatitis, cirrhosis.

Complexion "sallow" warns about the violation of the functions of the pancreas.

"Wax" face, bloodless, yellowish skin color on the face indicates possible development of cancer.

Constant brightness of the facial skin indicates hormonal disturbances, thyroid disease.

Strong pigmentation of the skin, if there is no pregnancy, may be a symptom of disorders of the liver or diseases of the ovaries and uterus in women.

Multiple acne located mostly on the lower face, around the lips, chin, neck and chest point to serious problems in the endocrine system, diseases of the thyroid gland, liver, ovaries.


If the blackheads are mostly on my forehead, cheeks, nose wings – a sign of impaired bowel function, dysbiosis.

If the skin near the inner corners of the eyes purple or blue color, urgent need to examine the kidneys.

Constantly enlarged pupils of the eyes warn of diseases of the nervous system, neuroses, disorders in the psyche, intoxication, use of narcotics.

Constantly constricted pupils can be a sign of increased intracranial pressure, intoxication with drugs, drug use, violations of thyroid gland function, meningitis.

Bulging eyes warn of incipient hyperthyroidism.

The yellow sclera of the eye indicates intoxication, hepatitis or liver.

Constant watery eyes can be signs of potassium deficiency in the body.

Constant redness of the sclera of the eye indicates an increase in intracranial pressure, intraocular pressure, retinal detachment, glaucoma, and chronic fatigue.

The whites of the eyes are bluish warn about the presence of the vitamin deficiency and low hemoglobin.

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Diagnosis of diseases in the face is not the main, but at home it can detect the first signs of incipient disease. About all anxiety signs need to inform your doctor and pass the designated examination to rule out serious disease. About how face to determine the disease the person must know each of us. published



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