Holidays for shoppogolikov

You must be able to combine incompatible and have fun.

Going on vacation, we will we bring as a gift to herself, relatives or friends. And someone purposefully goes to another country to "otovaritsya." Now nobody will be surprised shop-tours. After all, this is a good opportunity to assess the diversity and high quality products in the world. And, you can buy wholesale , at a low price. But, going for purchases thousands of miles away, we should not forget that in addition to shops and boutiques in any city or country can be seen much more interesting.

So do not deny yourself the pleasure and align the passage shopping tour of the city, and if there is a sea, then be sure to visit the beach. Business with pleasure.

There is another advantage of shop tours - they can always go and do not depend on the time of year. In each country there are certain times when there are well-known sales prices further reduced.


One of the most favorite cities of all tourists - Barcelona. Besides the beauty, attractions and shopping happy here. Barcelona always comes in all sorts of rankings and polls on the topics of shopping, thanks to affordable prices and a good selection.

Walking through the streets of Barcelona, ​​meet famous boutiques and popular brands, stores with unique vintage things aulety with year-round discounts and, of course, shopping centers. The most favorite street for shopping all fashionistas and fashionistas of the world - 5 kilometer Shopping Line on Paseo de Gracia.

Perhaps the price of famous brands like Versace are not very different, in comparison with other European cities, but the Spanish brand Mango, Pull and Bear, Stradivarius, Massimo Dutti, Desigual, Bershka in Barcelona you can buy for less at 20%.

In addition, deserve special attention small shops of local designers, where you can buy relatively inexpensive high-quality and interesting clothing and shoes.

Sales season in Barcelona twice a year: once after the holidays and from 1 July to 31 August. At that time, prices in the shops reach 90 percent.


This country has become a "Mecca" for shuttles from Russia in the early 90s of the last century. All brought from Turkey and in large quantities. That's just not many people knew where and what to buy can be really good. And the beauty of this country have not seen.

In that case, if your goal - to combine purchases and gentle splashing in the sea, then immediately make a reservation: Turkish resorts suitable only for souvenir shopping. On all resorts of the country prices will naturally be high, and in most cases will be sold fake products. Better to carve out a 10-day vacation on the sandy beach a couple of days and go to Istanbul.

Shopping in Istanbul, primarily associated with the market. Their visit will take great pleasure, because it is more excursion than purposeful shopping trip. For example, the Grand Bazaar with its 5,000 shops is a whole range of architectural structures, and its story began back in 1464. For jewelry, jewelry made of precious metals and antiques on its domestic market, which is more like a treasure house. Egyptian Bazaar no less impressive. Aromas of a variety of spices, driven here from all over the East, knocked down. For spices, herbs, cosmetics best to go here.

Famous Turkish coats knowingly buy in Istanbul all the fans of this kind of clothing. All leather production of the country is concentrated here. Buyers with experience recommended for high-quality leather goods sent to the area Zeytinburgu, where the main factory. On the first floor there are huge industries showrooms, which presents the most diverse outerwear made of this material. But there is a subtle point - you need to really understand the quality of the skin.

Do not forget to bargain. Do it with a smile, friendly. With the right attitude - it's a pleasure and will make your shopping trip full of pleasant emotions.


Most of Greece is associated with coats. But this is not the only purchase that can be made by combining a beach holiday and shopping in the country. But immediately specify that if your goal - to buy fur products, then you need to go to Kastoria, which is easily accessible by bus.

And for clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, accessories, best to go to Thessaloniki. And, yes, in Thessaloniki no coats. In general, and really, should not even set itself the aim to find them - wasting your time. But there is a fine shopping areas and malls, where many shops.

For brands, trademarks, souvenirs, jewelry and everything else you need to go to the central street of the city. Find them easy enough, and they will not hide themselves, because they are also tourist centers.

Depending on what kind of shopping you choose, there are three main places to shop: for mass-market of Italian and Spanish designers should go to a huge shopping center «MediterraneanCosmos», prefer clothing and accessories class "luxury" - welcome to Notos Galleries.

If for you it does not matter, 2012 or 2014 season blouse or sandals, and most importantly - good value for money, then you should definitely go to Mega Outlet. It includes 80 stores and more than 400 brands around the world, a collection of clothing, footwear and accessories from previous collections.


Reserved place in Europe. Here are just a vacation in Montenegro is usually considered from the perspective of: beach, hotel, tours. We recommend also to go to Podgorica on shopping.

On resorts soul roam in terms of shopping especially nowhere, you can buy souvenirs of the country, and Podgorica - is one of the few cities in Montenegro where you can make a fairly productive shopping trips.

In Podgorica, there are two shopping district in the streets and Hertsegovau Njegoševo, here are concentrated stores a variety of brands: Lacoste, Mango, Women`s secret Diesel, Hugo Boss, Tommi Hilfinger and so on. The choice is good and the prices about 30 percent lower than in Russia. Also worth a look at shopping centers "Palade" and "Delta».

The only thing that should be taken into account when going shopping in Podgorica, Montenegrins love to rest. So - on Sunday at every store you will meet plate "on Sunday we do not work».

From clothing to diamonds

Do not leave without attention and other countries. For branded clothing should go to Paris, Milan and New York

Paris has long been a symbol of elegance and sophistication. And, of course, the world capital of fashion. Open a boutique - a matter of honor for all the famous designer. Therefore, when the ladies from around the world are planning where to go to rest, France in this list is in the first place. Paris is not inferior in terms of the choice of brand clothes, another European capital - Milan. Successful Shopping tourism is guaranteed and the admirers of high fashion that decide to go to London and Barcelona. Waiting shoppogolikov as fashionable boutiques on Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue, as well as mega-stores of Manhattan, in New York.

But diamonds are advised to buy in Israel and Amsterdam. In Israel, there are diamond exchange, where you can buy wholesale diamonds. It also runs a lot of jewelry shops in which you purchased the stone or stones put them in the decoration. For this purpose, you can also explore the many jewelry stores and showrooms.

With regard to Amsterdam, in this European city you can easily find the relevant stores that offer high quality diamonds. If in doubt about their choice, the local experts willing to tell you how to choose a suitable stone.

For precious stones - to Sri Lanka and Thailand. This is not only a beautiful and exotic nature. In these countries, for example, sapphires and emeralds can be expensive to buy almost on the streets. Of course, this is only if you are really well versed in precious stones. On the other hand, if you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to go to a specialized center, where, together with the purchase you will receive a certificate with the specified it in the place of origin of stone.

Good luck and great holiday shopping.


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