Abandoned camp "Sputnik", Vologda region.

Long read YAP long otsmatrivat materials. And so I decided. Spent 30tyr, acquired camera SONY NEX-F3Y (like boast X-P), registered on Yap. This is after a long time, went to the place, which ran 15 years ago. There is my village and the old camp, which was held not a small part of my childhood. It is very touching to see the places, so close to the heart.

Will be 56 photos.

Photo 2

Meet us good-humored message. Photo 3

This is the main building, there is room guides are placed, medical item, an assembly hall, it is cinema, it is a village disco)) Picture 4

Good statement) I'd love to believe it.

General view of the main building, then comes the camp itself. Photo 6

Merry carousel spinning to her purple circles under the eyes are closed. Favorite attractions, all children. Photo 7

The dining room is always very tasty food! Never put additives denied! Maybe it tastes better than it was any more where it is not fed. If you think that the image on the monitor several curves, do not worry, it's time to work hard on the structure.

Residential housing. Photo 9

At this point in the center, there were houses, a la penthouse pioneer counselors)) But local residents felt that better houses to heat the stove, cold winters) Photo 10

The dining room at the rear.

Banka) Bath day was Thursday.

Bathhouse behind and down the structure goes stokehold, standing there when the boiler, for heating buildings, in the cool summer nights. Yes, yes, and then in the summer could flood the oven, only to the children feel comfortable.

Another residential building with a lightning rod in the yard.

Porch enclosure. View now extremely depressing.

The door casing.

The wall of the housing.

The pillars on the perimeter were established relatively recently (civilization everywhere walks). Here we see a part of the football field, Watery closet)) and sports equipment.



Next room of one of the buildings. That locker once used by children.

The distal portion.

A pair of bedside tables.

Mattresses, once soft and clean, now lying in heaps and waiting in the wings.

Here are a handful of the interior.

I remember the room. Feelings raid with renewed vigor.

Here is where I spent time.

Just think, this figure for 15 years. But the paint is far from bleak. I remember strewn, looking at the sun is, when I was 10 years old))

To go out, wipes away a tear, breathe fresh air.

Our terrace.

Our body)



and more

More door

and a window

The beach, a football field. I did not dare to take place, all overgrown with grass, but we see the umbrellas, they stand on the beach. The river is excellent, the water is clean, clear, with a reddish tinge. Such water I've seen only there.

More housing.

Could not resist and took a closer Watery closet)) Well I do not recall without tears, the times when you were taught to be relaxed before sversnikami placing 3 holes closet without partitions on one pedistale))) Well that even though M and M divided by different inputs. But very shy, fertilized nearest bushes))

The path along the body

The flagpole and monument to the pioneers.

Resting place, there were six benches on both sides. All ashes.

Front porch, one does not fall apart.

it also

Pamyatik seems that it even tried to recover, according to the updated once a layer of paint.

Then what could observe the many and not just in this camp. This mysterious pedestal rocket, which has always been overlaid with a bunch of secrets)) It is situated at the fence of the camp. The main body of the rocket has a loop that allows to open it in the middle. As we gathered, even the guys have got to open it, what have been convicted and swore counselors ((The mystery remained a mystery childhood. It is now not that tenacity, that zalest to such a height))

2 missile

3 missile

Sprig of pine.

This is a platform for speeches. When that was sitting in front of her, watching as the older guys were.

Now unfortunately not nearly approach, all overgrown.

Forgive me, with the number of photos deceived, something that seemed to accordion to the previous photo. He excluded. More sorry for something that does not reveal the topic tits and seals, even though I was in the village, but not those without the others I have not met. But cutting theme doggie, after a walk I met a copy of the four-legged. During the shooting no one was hurt. Any loss on my machine ((long shot, I jumped Logan goats, there is damage to ((But compared with those emotions that I got the car garbage)) Please kicks. I all.



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