Read this if you feel sad, but you do not know why

There are days when there is only one single desire - to hide in bed and never get out of there. When it seems as if the whole world had fallen on the shoulders, denying power and strength testing, all is not as it should, and the feeling of helplessness does not allow to move on. Life sometimes throws things are much more complicated than we can imagine. It is not easy to sustain all this

And even if my heart is sad and empty, it is very difficult to answer the hackneyed question. "Why?". It is impossible to describe the feeling, but it is well aware.

You can finally give up. You may feel an unbearable emptiness, fatigue. But we need to keep. < Need to find a tiny thread of which is only to cling to, it becomes your lifeboat. grabbed it as hard as possible and do not let go. Even if all you do - it's lying on the bed and breathe. And you know what? Well, let! Continue to breathe, and all will be well.

Maybe you feel that you are too broken to get to his feet, the pain in your heart is too strong, that in my head a mess. Your body is much stronger than you think. It knows how to treat this pain.

You will never be definitively broken. < Every day you can start from scratch, and each new day, you have a chance to regain its former self. This may take time, but it does not exactly mean that you shattered. You just lost a little bit.

Nothing can be stable in the world - and a black bar as well. Nasty feeling must be held, need only wait, and soon you will feel better. And when that happens, you will realize how much more you become with each passing minute. < Sadness - this is not a sign of weakness

. Take a deep breath and you will see that our life - it's just life. Err - normal, and just perfectly normal, when it fails. And even if now you feel bad and hurt, perhaps this is the beginning of something entirely new.

You should not ignore the pain. Pay attention to it, and you will realize that it is just a guest and is not going to stay long. Instead of artificially dampen pain - take it

Fears can have enormous power over us.. Do not get fooled by it. Remember that your mind is playing with you, and you have to be careful with his own thoughts. If you can a taste of life and awaken a desire to strive for the best, you will be the main witness to how things will begin to take on vivid colors.

Find something small that you like, and go from the small, small steps. < If you begin to slowly move forward, everything starts to fall into place. Ask for help if you need it. Close people want you to be happy, because they love you. Open up your friends when you feel bad.

Take a deep breath. You are here, you are alive! Do you have a tremendous amount of good thoughts in my head and a big heart. Try not to forget all the good that is within you.

< Even if you are hurt, you remain yourself. And when you are ready to look into the life of the beautiful, it will always be waiting for you.

Do not forget that even if everything collapses, you can still save yourself. You have the power to create a bridge over this muddy water. You can dig a tunnel through the darkness to see the light again. You have to move forward. Over time, everything will be much better light on your path will be brighter and brighter.

Do you have something that no one else on this huge planet. Your personality, your inner light, your soul and love. You will undoubtedly grow, certainly shine. You - the whole universe. And all this is so cool is composed in a single person.

< Take a deep breath. All will be well!



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