Sun City (16 photos)

Latvian millionaire realized in the vicinity of Cesis (Latvia) fantastic project. Buying 3,000 hectares of forest in the hills, he built the "City of the Sun", where there are special rules and people are quite different daily life.
First, the three-storey house with environmentally friendly materials so constructed taking into account the terrain that the windows of each house can not be seen other houses.

Secondly, near each of the 300 houses there is a small lake and forest, which are included in cost of land (from 0, 4 to 1, 3 hectares each).

Third, all the houses are equipped with central sewerage (special equipment laid under the roots of pines and firs!), High speed internet, electricity, and each house has a geothermal heat pump with a well 90-100m, which converts the energy of the earth to heat. This year-round heat enough to heat the house and hot water heaters, and only in severe winter days you need to ignite the fireplace, which is also available in every home. Garbage collection and other municipal facilities are also available.

Fourth, in the forest city special rules - for example, there is no fence (forbidden) and also contain prohibited on the chain dogs - only in the house. Roe deer and other animals roam freely on the "city", and barking dogs just does not happen.

For Russian and Belarusian customers owner of "city" offers special conditions - the sale of land with a house, each of which has not only the address, and the name, the site can be designed as "premises". This entitles you to a year-round "Schengen┬╗.

Of the 300 plots until sold 150. For example, a site with a three-story house Tilbites with all amenities, lake and forest area 0, 44 hectares worth 94,000 euros.


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