Toys of Our Childhood (45 photos)

Electronic stuff and gadgets were the most interesting toys. Their cherished, preserved, repaired, proud possession, praise. In this section, I also included ordinary household appliances that we use. For the mere contemplation of their causes so many memories, not to mention about them is simply impossible.

I decided to use the popular expression, "Behold the root" and remember what our electronic toys were required for its buzzing Flashing-functions:

Certainly batteries! There were a certain number of types: finger, square ("Planet 1") round and "Crown" - the most rare and expensive battery. I like the square. Do you know why? Because it only allows you to do all sorts of electrical experiments. She had two long contact, which is easy to fasten the wire. And it was just nice to touch these contacts language. After the battery finished his earthly journey, she was subjected to scrutiny. At first stripped label, then tar, zinc securing 3 block blocks and then dealt on the asphalt, exposing the carbon rod and electrolyte povidloobrazny, which slightly burned hand.

Batteries are a constant companion of light:

and motor:

Ticker has been removed from the already obsolete toys and started his own life. Because he did winch, fan, Drillers, sharpener and a Hummer. When he was bored, it is also understood and extracted from the motor of the two magnets and a coil of fine copper wire wound on a pen. Magnets just lived their lives in a clump of other associates.

Another favorite e sex toy here was a flashlight dynamo:

Its charm lay in the fact that the flashlight does not need a battery and was practically eternal.

When the child went to school and already knew how to add and subtract yourself - he sometimes allowed to hold and see here is a calculator:

But God forbid them to use in the calculation examples of homework! Only the column and in the mind! Therefore, as a child, I thought he was more a toy than a useful household appliances. He considered it crazy different numbers coming up examples on the go. I liked how charmingly lit red digits display. Until now I remember it.

Now, the most sacred domestic appliance:

Overhead projector!

How much of this word heart cute merged ...

On Sunday night the whole family gathered in the hall to wall carpet safety pins prikrepryalas clean, white sheet, get it, kegs of filmstrips,

underlay beneath the projector books lining the white light spot on the sheet, charged film, turned out the light and ...

... Began one of the most spectacular family events of our childhood.

This was our video recorder, video player, cable TV in one. Nothing that pictures do not move. Nothing that the text should have read - it was so much fun and imagination of moving pictures in the head, when he went to bed after watching. I read mom, dad or older brothers-sisters. They read with expression, with enthusiasm.

I do not know about you, but most of all I loved and remembered here that the initial frame filmstrip:

I am very fond of this metal plate with holes.

We've had a lot of films. And "Carlson»:

And "Tom Thumb", which is on the box for some reason called "Chelovekominimum" - in the spirit of the time. And my favorite horror story "The Phantom of the white continent" about the ape-monster in Antarctica, and a lot of Armenian animated cartoons, "Frost", "Silver hoof", "Nikita and Mikita" - uh, just do not remember them!
Overhead projector still lying somewhere. They tried to impress them children - figs with two ... no interest at children of the era of 3D-TV ...

More often used turntable:

"Mom, turn the fairy tale" and got out of his mother from the cabinet, pulled out of the drawer plate with "The Scarlet flower» ...

... Included in the socket, put the plate, established a needle ... and with a sinking heart, you begin to hear the familiar rustling crackle of the first track ...

Records also was full - the sideboard drawer was packed to overflowing. Popular music - Leontiev, Pugacheva, any VIA "Flame", fairy tales, children's songs, Lenin's speech on the thin blue plates ... For some reason I liked to listen to the speech of Lenin. Although I did not understand, but liked his guttural accent. Why, again, Lenin loved children, and we loved Lenin. but my older sister did not really :) Somehow it terribly bothered that I listen to this record and it psihanula, pitting players from the table ... So it came to an end ... It is true that amp was still alive and I have 20 years to connect to it a cassette.

Another very good free from lessons while away the time for the burning of some pictures on fanerku:

Personally, I was blue cautery "Leisure»:

He is alive today - it burns my baby :) Since fanerku burn times were not interested, often a thorn stuck in the actual cautery ... So look at all cautery about the same :) I also loved the solder to melt them :) By the way, thanks to him, there is no problem of "what to give to mum's birthday and 8th of March?". Plywood, picture on tracing paper, cautery, gouache and paint solved this problem: cutting boards, still lifes on the wall, etc.

And now a small overview of our appliances:

Vacuums' Cyclon »:

Or "Buran»:

We were both older brother and used them as weights :)
As they were noisy ... I could hear on the street, that someone is at home vacuuming ...

Not Quieter and washing machine "Revtrud»:

Wash using this machine turned the apartment on the day the laundry - drain the water through a hose in the bath, hand-wringing over the rollers, mountains of laundry on the floor near the bathroom ...


It's over, is not so hot some old, but all I remember more than this:

With the letters on the disk. Previously, phone numbers include both letters.

Refrigerator "ZIL»:

There was also "Biryusa».

Radiola - fabulously expensive machine - table two salaries Soviet employees:

We had just such a - "WEF". It was a device similar to the modern MFPs - multiple functions in a single package - radio player. Some models even television.

Tape recorder "Orbita»:

My older brother was a - it was his charm ... No one is allowed to approach. always something greased, tighten up. Tapes Jean Michel Jarre, "speaker", etc. Krutyatsky unit!

Later, there were Soviet cassette and "Electronics»:

Or even such «Proton»:

We remember what it is: :)

And we know what the Belts and why you need to have a backup :)

Radio Design "Youth-202»:

My brother gave a constructor in the hope to arouse my interest in electronics. But it did not work - I myself did not gather, gathered brother :)

My first watch I got in the 1990m, on its 10th anniversary. They looked just like that, only the blue and without a pattern:

They were imported from Belarus.

And later it became a hit «Montana», with 16mi melodies and illuminated:

Of course, a major household appliances in the house has always been and remains the TV. We he was so:

"Ruby" 1965 release, worked until the early 90s. That is an indicator of the quality of the Soviet! However, he stood on legs:

Very good harmony with the surrounding lacquered furniture and myself was part of it. By wooden case often beat his fist in order to return the crawl on the screen image. Behind was a bunch of pens krutilok-like "setting LO", vertical and horizontal, through the casing nice huge lamp flickered.

For TV network, usually connected through such a voltage regulator:

This prevents the fuse TV from constant combustion - AC mains sometimes jump up to 250-260V.

In addition to TV cartoons after the "International Panorama" and "Guests of the future" with "Electronics" in the days of vacation to watch was nothing special. Oh, yeah - I'm wrong! How "Frost" and "Musketeers" in the days of the winter holidays? And "In a fairy tale," Aunt Valya?

Remember her words at the beginning? - "Hello, dear children and dear comrades adults!" And drawing contest in this program, with the song "Draw, draw ..."? A "Good night, kids" every night?

Remember how the program and take the time to trace the handle opposite the "M / F" and "H / Q." And then "shot" at the time of passers-by on the street, so God forbid late for the next series of "Children of Captain Grant»!

Television has played an important role in our life, in education. Yes, in other matters, as well as now. Only teaches modern television something wrong ... :(

In the early 90s, and the TV has acquired one more important - he began to display ...

Yes, that's right - it is the first popular game console "Dandy". Connect the adapter to the antenna input of your TV, and often the whole staircase, who "sat" on a common antenna, could instead of "News" held next level «Tank" :) I especially did not go, as it happened - can explain in the comments. Personally, I have this "contagion" was not - we lived in a very poor 90. But I've heard enough stories enough about these games on school change. And even played a little at the other house. This friend's parents tied the joystick cable to the carpet, because he was playing so nervously and waved his arms, which pulls the plug from the set-top box. Although the leash does not help - he raised together with cord and all the carpet ...

The legend of the game world - «Super Mario»:

The parents found a way to drive away the child from the screen legend invented - "console puts kinescope" :) It's always worked. While it may really "soot" CRT? ..

But I had the game easier - "Electronics»:

There were several variations: "Wolf with eggs", "Race", "fisherman" and like something else - remember. :)

And I'm one of the first in the yard and the school became the owner in the early 90s that's such devaysa:


I brought his mother from Moscow, when she became "chelnochit" in the local market. And I did not even know what it is and what it has become a trend game :) But I'm terribly pleasant - played for hours, lying on the bed :)

After "Dandy" era of consumer PCs. Legend became their «ZX-Spectrum»:

That's when our handy cassette, as the main carrier of information and games become a regular cassette :)

How agonizing was this loading ... Colored squares and specific modem sound ... It could take up to 10 minutes between «LOAD», and the appearance of a color screen on the TV screen any «Formula 1».

And it was still "Delta»:

And the "KR-05" and "BK-Ashka».

After filmic "Zenith" and "Change» «Polaroid» made a real revolution in the world of home photo:

Photos obtained on the spot and it was very cool.

Well, the final chord of gadgets 90s became a pager:


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