Snack in Russian, the top 15 (15 photos)

What Russian does not like to drink? Where's the booze, and there is a snack ... See ranking of the most popular snacks for vodka, without which no cost, no feast.

1. The undoubted leader is pickles, and with them the pickle ...

2. Salted herring - a great appetizer.

3. salted or smoked bacon, well, as without it ...

4. Sauerkraut, pickled cabbage

5. Jelly - appetizer for the real connoisseurs

6. Sandwich with sausage

7. Marinated mushrooms, an excellent choice

8. Boiled potatoes, mandatory meal of any feast

9. marinated, pickled tomatoes, traditional Russian appetizer

10. If you drink in nature, the barbecue will be most welcome ...

11. Being on fishing, the ear will be an excellent snack

12. Russian borscht with sour cream, as will the way with a hangover :)

13. Sandwich with red caviar - what could be better!

14. Olivier - simply delicious and appetizing ...

15. Beer - gourmet with good health :)


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