Top Model in Russian

TMPR first I was not looking, and did not even know that there is such a show. In the second season I "hooked" thanks to our site, which regularly published new photoshoot member. Gradually, I became interested in this project and the last series I expected almost look (shame on my gray head))). The project is now left 8 out of 14 participants, and the decision of the jury of fashion are becoming more and more incomprehensible

I would like to think a bit about what someone is prepared from participating in the new Top Model Russian

Who left. The first two ether I agreed with the opinion of the jury - Arnel Butueva too "run up" and Angelica Yakuseva was very pretty, but her appearance was too characteristic. But then it began ... I was amazed that the participant Elizabeth Oleshko Ksenia Sobchak repeatedly said no slouch. It's like wondering what the casting its not quite flat posture did not notice, and all open only to defile? It's a shame for the girl

Arnel Butueva

Angelica Yakuseva

Elizabeth Oleshko

Next. Care Svetlana Babi from the project was for me at all confusing. This is the same as the model, which is recognized as the best in the photoshoot for «Venus», found one that "is not able to change?" Delirium, delirium and delirium again. Svetlana (IMHO) was the most memorable person on the project. But no - the girl "made pen»

Svetlana Babi not in photo shoots for TPMR

Another delusional solution - living sculptures contest where you had on the street to collect money from passers-by. According to the results of this competition with a project gone Anastasia Belkin (by the way, Miss Krasnodar, 2007), one of the brightest (IMHO) participants. Well, it's generally a paragraph ... So, if you can not beg - you're not a model. Or maybe those people who walked past her, trivia was not))

Anastasia Belkin

And after the last air I decided to give all sore. Since the project kicked two states, which, IMHO, were the strongest contenders for victory. Yes, Veranika Butakova quite quarrelsome person, but seeing all of her photo shoot on the project, it is clear that she, like Gisele Bundchen, each photo story is different. I thought that "hameleonistost" model - one of the main qualities, but along the way, interesting types of the Russian modeling business does not need ... And Angelica Tihonenko could become the face of some of the popular brands of youth clothing - it is all so, as they say, "on the positive." But she was sent home ...

Veranika Butakova

Angelica Tihonenko

Who remained

So who is it that will be a top model, in Russian? As I see it, the winner will be the one of the two Cach - Catherine or Catherine Streltsova Bagrova. First constantly gets good marks from the jury, and the second is a "dark horse" - often in the show and they just win. I like Dobromirov Nepomnyaschaya, but I think it will go in the next broadcast. A lot of negative reviews (Online TPMR) Julia Vlasenko, but, nevertheless, this girl with a very specific appearance persistently moves to the final project. Maybe she just win

Catherine Streltsova

Catherine Bagrova

Dobromir Nepomnyaschaya

Yuliya Vlasenko

And you see someone a second top model in Russian?


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