The raw food diet.


In 1987, the Dutch Ministry of Health has recognized the raw food diet cure for cancer.
"The famous Dutch physician Cornelius Moerman decades fought cancer. He developed his cancer treatments based on the refutation of the basic, classic postulates of cancer medicine.
Theory Moerman recognized in 1987 by the Ministry of Health Holland after his stunning healing the sick, rejected the official medicine. Strict state commission clearly logged cure 115 people out of 150 cancer patients. Others received relief. More support to Dr. Moermanu have: double Nobel laureate Linus Pauling (California), and Nobel laureate G. Domack. Both called it the theory and practice of cancer treatment methods only proper nutrition "great breakthrough in the solution to the problem of cancer."
Clinical nutrition in cancer is based on fresh vegetables, fruits and natural juices.
For our Ministry of Health, this method of treatment is not profitable! From the raw food diet will not get rolled back as from pharmaceutical industry, and the result is very few people care!


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