Skin - the largest organ of the human body.


Skin - the largest organ of the human body. The skin, as well as the lungs, carries respiratory function. Moreover, it absorbs the solar radiation and, consequently, there are processes of photosynthesis. The skin synthesizes and provides a number of essential elements of the body. Thus, the skin acts as a detector, temperature differences, moisture, density, composition and quality of the other objects and environments that contact.
Through the skin into the body can enter the gaseous substance. This function is similar to the skin in a similar function of the intestine. Due to the skin, the body can get rid of various highly volatile substances, ie, the skin and the body more selection. Gases, sweat, sebum, mucus - everything that causes the skin to a specific smell - a substance which removes toxins.
Therefore be applied to the skin cosmetics (creams, shampoos, lipsticks, powder), not only prevents the conclusion of metabolic products and toxins but absorbed by the skin. And all these foreign chemicals that make up the modern cosmetics and detergents into the blood and poison the body, causing the immune system to work at their disposal. It often happens that cosmetic products are deposited in the body and accumulate these savings can become a cause of disease. So before you put on your skin something - think about it: for example, if you are ready to drink shampoo, which is going to apply on the scalp? Does this not cause you trouble? If not, and to the skin and to wash your hair it will do. And also with creams and other cosmetics if it is inedible, the skin and is not suitable.


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