Are there women's and men's responsibilities in the family?

There, There is now a view that the duties of women, or
responsibilities of men in the family does not exist. who is doing what, and that the zanimaetsya.togda I have a question for you: why the woodpecker's beak long? to extract from the bark of worms. If you woodpecker give the same food as the piglet, then this will be a problem. He did not understand. In nature, there is a separation. It is natural, always and everywhere there, and everywhere and always will be. Even a child with age responsibilities change. Depending on the type of body that he has. If the child is very small, it has some responsibilities, a little older - he has other responsibilities. Thus it is impossible one size fits all substitute. temperament Men and women are very different temperament. Let's say a woman's feelings more subtle and focused, man feels rougher. Therefore, a woman, for example, something sewn-embroider - no problem. If a man give up a needle and thread, it will be so "embroider", that then ...

Some men, yes, can, and some women are engaged in the bar, we're not talking about the particulars. We're talking about general trends.

Unlike men and women is much deeper than we can imagine. And it turns out that if a man and a woman perform their duties perfectly, immediately arises in the family marital happiness. There is no reason for suffering, they are completely absent. It should also be understood that if a woman performs its duties, the man put in the conditions under which he will have to carry your own.

There is a "philosophy", in which it is stated that if a woman will do everything perfectly, the man izbalovyvaetsya. This philosophy is false, as if the spouse will do everything perfectly, then it is set to the perfect mood and your soul mate. This will happen regardless of the external will, this process works on a subconscious level.


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