As a lifetime to be perfectly healthy?

For this purpose it is necessary to ensure a correct course of metabolic reactions in the body, ie. E. Proper metabolism.
What kind of materials do you mean? Of those that the body receives from the external environment and those returns in this environment, ie communicating with her. Input - inhaled air and the food outlet - the totality of the final products of chemical reactions in the body.
When it begins violation progress of these reactions? When the body receives the wrong starting materials, ie, wrong food, combined with air pollution. But in terms of quantity food plays a leading role.
When you start any disease - from colds, sore throats and a heart attack? When adopted by the food begins to rot in the intestines and release toxins rot - cadaveric poisons: amines, putrescine, cadaverine, ptomainy etc. And she always rots.
How Come? There are several reasons: we eat too often, no time to digest what had eaten, we eat incompatible mixtures and finally, we eat what we eat are not supposed to nature - alien animal proteins, ie, meat products. Biology - anatomy and physiology is very different from the biology of predators, and that is digested without rotting in zheluduchno tract predatory animals, rotting in the human intestine due to a lack of digestive enzymes to break down animal proteins to amino acids and not enough acid environment of the stomach and intestines.
As a result of rotting mass of these proteins is retained in the digestive tube, allocate enough cadaver poisons falling from the intestine to the liver with the blood of the portal vein. Liver neutralize these poisons and bringing them back into the blood in the neutralized form, sends to the kidneys, which secrete their urine. But since these toxins rotting due to excess consumption of meat we have produced too much, the liver does not have time to fully neutralize them and entering the bloodstream, they spread to all organs of the body, getting to the brain - headaches, migraines, mental disorders; vessels in the lower extremities, rectum, where the outflow is particularly difficult - occlusive disease, sores, erysipelas, hemorrhoids; in the lining of the stomach and intestines - peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis, in the bronchial mucosa, lung tissue, tonsils, appendix - bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, tonsillitis, appendicitis; in the paranasal sinuses - sinusitis, then - allergies (including pollen); the coronary vessels of the heart - heart attack, coronary heart disease; in the pancreas - diabetes, pancreatitis; in the thyroid gland - hyperthyroidism, thyroiditis, etc.
Eat living food, in all its diversity! Have fun! And be healthy!


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