Eighteen months without meat and potatoes: Notes beginner raw foodists

"Raw food diet for me - not a panacea. It's just a new experience and an experiment on himself, his body "- more than a year from Minsk Andrei does not eat meat, and in general thermally processed foods

. Why last inveterate meat-eater, a lover of kebab and roasted potatoes suddenly became raw foodists? What changes have occurred with his body and soul in the past year? What was the most difficult to change your eating habits?

- Andrew, how long have you been practicing a raw food diet

? - To date, 15 months - since last May. Prior to that, a few months was a vegetarian.

- How is a man, not more than a year evshy meat

? - Perfectly!!! About a year after moving to syroedenieya I passed all possible tests, did ultrasound of internal organs - all indicators are normal,
I feel eighteen (currently Andrey 34) Man, who has yet to come.

Incidentally, the raw food diet for the first month lost weight from 82 to 70 kg, then the weight has been more than a year varies between 70-72 kg and does not change any more.
Actually, by weight, I returned to my eighteen.

- Do not tell me it's all about losing weight banal ...

- I do not speak. All the more global. A couple of years ago I decided it was not happy with how I look, how I feel physically and internally.
I understand that it's time to change something and do it. To start decided to go in for sports, without changing eating habits. For the season training (exercises, running and cycling) I lost about 10 kg, and then I weighed more than 90 kg.

Along with the sport began to read more.
I read everything. From one book I learned about the raw food diet. The author argued that by clicking on the principles of a raw food diet, you can literally turn into Superman.
Then I thought - yes nafig. To refuse meat, but still eat raw food ????
For me, a confirmed carnivore, raw food seemed like something from another world.
In general, I read, surprised and forgot ...

- Until he woke up "syroedchesky hunger»

? - In 2014, I realized that one sport is not enough and I decided to experiment with power. Vegetarianism me strongly not attracted - as something boring. In general, eat all the same, only without the meat. Then something somewhere "from the subcortex" and information has emerged about the raw food diet.

Digging in Internet on this subject more deeply, I read a few books about raw food and wanted to try it. Post decided in May, when more fruit and vegetables.
Prior to that gradually "Tears" with meat. First, it reduced the number, and then completely refused.

The turning point was the discovery Barbecue season in March 2014. I decided if I could not barbecue (and you just imagine: the first barbecue of the season, mmm ...),
and then I can do without meat.

- As we can see, the test was successful barbecue ...

- Yes sir. On May 1, 2014 began a new stage in my life - a raw food diet. The first week was relatively successful, and then the one-and-a-boiled wanted to.
Sometimes we had time to leave the house, because his wife continued to prepare herself and her son a normal meal. Soaking smells was difficult. Over time, everything went.

Today, I myself can make dinner a family, not wanting to even try it.
However, the practice is rare (laughs - ed edition.)

. - Voiced by the basic principles of a raw food diet

? - I can not call myself a 100% owned raw foodists. Yes, and have them living in the city, it is very difficult. My principle - 90 -95% of the daily diet of raw food
. The main products in my diet: fruit and vegetables - that grow in our latitudes, plus imported for the season; greens, a lot of greens, nuts, at least - dried fruits; honey

Every day I drink at least a liter of green cocktail.
My food is always changing. At the beginning of transition was eating a lot of salads and fruits.
Bananas seem to be eating tons. At the heart of salads grated beets, carrots, chopped green onions, dill, parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes. He adds that like - celery, all kinds of radishes, turnips, cabbage (no longer remember)

. Refuel them with olive, linseed, corn, sunflower, mustard oils. Sometimes it sprinkled peeled sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax, add raisins. Moreover, eating all sorts of fruits, vegetables, citrus

I never thought BZHU and now I do not. I eat when I want and how I want.
Main meal, I had three, and between them constant snacking.
Houses always have a full plate of fruit and a plate of nuts.

- Admit it, you dream about meat? From what has been the most difficult to give up?

- The meat did not dream even once. But once dreamed of spirits and a state of intoxication from it. The weakness that I have not been able to overcome - it's chocolate, preferably with a high content of bitter cocoa and ice cream (ice cream).
Sometimes I eat cheese in a salad and drink kvass.
In general, for myself, I decided, if you really something I will want, then eat.

For a year, I once ate boiled potatoes - very much like to remember the taste.
And that's what the pasta, had forgotten - not eaten for a year and a half. Maybe that's why I was not breaking and tearing. After all, in fact I do not forbid myself.

- How does your family to food experiments? His wife and son also raw foodists?

- My wife sometimes tries to live without meat, but for a long time does not stand up. The child eats too traditional. I do not impose them to your diet, just on occasion try to buy his son a banana or an apple instead of a loaf of bread or a piece of candy.

Mom normally perceived as a whole, she said, of course, 'foolishness toil ", but now she is drinking green smoothies.
The hardest thing given my mother-in power, it is our "old school": "I am son-in desk at the ready, fry the cutlets, and he sits, cucumber and tomato nibbles" - its standard words addressed to me

. - How do you feel at friendly gatherings, when all wrapped around potatoes and svininku, and you chew cabbage leaf

? - During the year, all the friends come to terms with my eccentricities, although at first it was difficult. Friends of six months somewhere bantered, and then calmed down.
Now, seeing the changes that have occurred to me, I began to ask questions: "What .." "What ..?»

. - Most annoying questions and phrases about the raw food diet that you hear

? - Top 3 "favorite" questions: "That you can be?" "That you can not?" And "How are you without the proteins, but as you are there without yolks ..?»

. Yes I do, you can! Just at this stage of my life, I decided that something is there.
This is an experiment on himself. It is not associated with any health problems, nor with any concerns. I did not suddenly to love and protect animals.
Apparel and leather shoes, I still wear and do not plan to cease to wear.
Another key question: "Do you grow thin?".
Not everyone understands that a raw food diet - it's not a diet, but a lifestyle

. - How much more is going to stay on raw food

? - This is not a diet! Just experiment on themselves, on their way of life. How long it will last - I do not know. Today I was happy with everything and anything to change, I'm not going to. And there - who knows?

I'm not sure until the end, I'm doing the right thing, but what happens to me, I like it.

I absolutely do not agitate anyone to join the raw foodists. All this is purely individually. I am sure that our physical condition is more dependent not on the food taken orally, as in animals, but from the mental attitude with which this food is taken.

And therefore, if you want - gnaw carrots, apples; want to - eat meat or cheese; drink milk or beer. And be with the happy and healthy - physically and spiritually!


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