Pasties GOST

"Chebureki" (all in NET):
Wheat flour - 450 gr
Milk - 175g (+ 2 tbsp)
Salt - 5 g
Weight 600 g Test

Mutton - 360 g
Onions - 75g
Water - 75g
Salt - 7, 5 g
Ground black pepper - 1 c

Weight minced - 500 gr
The mass of material - 1100 g
Vegetable oil or fat frying - 85 gr
Vegetable oil for lubrication invertar - 2, 5 g
Exit 10 pcs. 110 gr
Knead the dough for noodles home, rolled it in the form of pellets weighing 60 g oiled table, put them on 50 g of minced meat, the edges are connected, giving the products a crescent shape.
For minced lamb and onion mince, season with salt, pepper and diluted with water.
Pasties fried in deep fat.
Let pasties 2 pcs. per serving.

Here they are! True, bubbly, slightly rubber!)))) Mnyam!


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