Traditional Vietnamese pho soup

Meat Beef - 450
Beef broth - 1, 5 liters.
Rice noodles - 350 g
Onion - 1/2 head
Fish sauce - 1, 5, Art. l.
Anise - 1 piece
Cinnamon - 1 stick
Green onions - 3 stalks
Mint leaves - '15
Bean sprouts - '90
White onion - 1 clove
White pepper powder - 1/2 hour. L.
Pepper bitter red - 1 piece
Lemon - 1 piece

1. First, freeze the meat, placing it in the freezer for 30-40 minutes.

2. Fold in the pan with 0, 5 liters of water, onion, star anise, pepper, cinnamon, add the broth and there fish sauce. Bring to a boil and stir, cook for about 20 minutes. Then get onions, cinnamon and anise. Broth until set aside.

3. Prepare the rice noodles, this place it a few seconds in boiling water in a separate pan and then drain the water and rinse with cold water noodles.

4. Remove the meat from the freezer and cut into thin slices or chunks.

5. Now we serve the dish. Put in a bowl noodles, meat slices, sliced ​​green and white onion, cinnamon, hot peppers and herbs. Pour the boiling broth. Then add the red pepper to taste and lemon juice.


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