Salad "Pampas" (aphrodisiac!)

Feta cheese
Onions - chopped
Sweet red pepper
Marinated mushrooms
Salted cucumbers
Ham syrokopchёnaya
Thick-thick cream
Salt, ground black pepper

!!! Proportions - on request. Experiment someone like most tomatoes, feta cheese to someone, and someone even replaces Roquefort cheese and ham - chicken.


1. brynza diced centimeter or less, pour boiling water, drain the water through a fine sieve, put cheese in a bowl.

2. Mushrooms - if they are small, do not cut, and if more, then cut into two.

3. All other ingredients are chopped and sliced ​​and diced into finger-thick (onion and lettuce chopped finely)

4. All the mix. Pour salad with sour cream, salt and pepper and serve.


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