Salad "Tashkent"

500 grams of green radish (daikon can be replaced),
150 grams of boiled beef,
2 onions,
2 eggs,
1 bunch of greens for decoration,
vegetable oil,
salt and pepper to taste

1. Boiled meat and eggs cut into thin strips.
2. On the Korean grater grate radish. Liberally sprinkle radish with salt, mix well. She starts by salt intensively allocate juice. When the radish is already floating in its own juice, squeeze it. Wrung radish to pass into the cup.
3. onion, saute onion in a large enough quantity of hot oil. Take it easy in passirovke - onions should be light golden and transparent. Leave to cool bow - let become warm.
4. In a cup mix the meat, eggs, radish and pepper. Salt cautiously - radish has absorbed a certain amount of salt.
5. Add a cup of fried onion. Fill with a mixture of oil and vinegar. Mix everything.

1. Before frying onions sprinkle with flour, and then shift into a sieve and shake off excess flour. This will help to make a nice crispy fried onions, and will keep the volume and richness of roasted onion (fried onion must be spread on a cloth to remove excess oil).
2. The meat can be used not boiled and baked or fried.
3. If not radish rub on a grater, and cut into strips, and then stay in bed in the ice to salt water, it will make it crispy.
4. Eggs are not cut in a salad, and leave for decoration.


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