Dessert "Golden Dome"

That only you can imagine, when the abundance of apples ...
Remove the middle of the apple and cut do not end up on dolki.Blanshirovat in boiling sugar syrup in the ratio of 1: 1 several minut.Sledit that Apple does not digest, but it was myagkoe.Orehi biscuits and slices pour cranberry syrup and put in the middle.
Syrup cream - 3/4 Art. sugar
 - 1/3 Art. water
 - A pinch of citric acid.
Cook until syrup zagusteniya.Vzbivaem 3 protein to the desired state "standing" and enter them in the boiling syrup in a thin stream, whisking until the cream continuing not ostynet.Vylozhit of cream pastry bag of apples and bring to readiness in protein duhovki.Ostatok cream applied on cookies .Vot this dessert turned out.


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