16 people, who understood all too literally

Every day we are faced with instructions and guidance which long ago used: from road signs to the requests of relatives. But there are people who take everything too literally and do something unusual.

We at the Site appreciate the originality of this approach, especially because the mood rises from it once or twice! Take a look, maybe around you will find such examples?

Think it's not working

I just need to wash your hands exactly?

Strange request, but if you want

The winner of the "Engraver of the year"

My son chose a gift for a birthday with a "cold calculation" and asked for "cash in hard currency"

I'm not 100% sure, but I think I still do not understand their instructions

Asked my two year old daughter to leave the shoes near the front door

It's not easy, but I will try to follow your rules

Children look at things — the most literal possible

Love to do it right!

He asked his son-a second grader to put these bottles in the bathroom

And this guy realized what was happening!

About the unicycles nothing is said, so that everything is in order

What is the query and the result of

Do not argue, hats so hats

Wife said take a selfie-stick and take some pictures during the day while I do normal things

Photos on the preview JaymoonCoakley/twitter.com

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