10 myths about cats, in which all believe, and it's time to stop

Cats — wonderful creatures that cause tenderness. And their owners think they know about their Pets. But in fact it is not. The website hastens to open the eyes of the reader on some of the misconceptions about meowing pesistica!

Cats need whiskers for balance Is vibrissae (whiskers cat) cats are used for handling and orientation in space, and not to maintain equilibrium.

Cats hate dogs, Not all cats and dogs fight among themselves. Long-lived animals together to find a common language and get along well. And unless a play off between cats and dogs, they will definitely make friends.

Cats can heal themselves If the animal received a small wound or scratch, then it goes as quickly as possible to lick her. For minor injuries it is even useful, because cat saliva has disinfectant properties. However, if large and bleeding wounds this is only a harm from behind the barbed surface of the tongue, which slows the healing, destroying the top layer of the epidermis.

Cats see well in the dark Yes, cats are much better of a person oriented in the dark. But help them not eyes, and vibrissae. With their help cats determine the distance to the object. And, by the way, in the dark cats just as helpless as we are.

Sterilized cats and neutered cats are more fat and lazy Yes, after surgery at sterilization and castration of animals often change their behavior, they begin to behave more calm and phlegmatic. But prior to sterilization and after her cats sleep 18 hours a day and eat a lot.

Cat be sure to gently land on their feet If the cat fell from a small height, there is a big chance that she is alive and unharmed will land on his feet. However, if you fall from a great height is likely that the animal will not survive because they do not have time to navigate and make the right posture when landing.

Pet cat couldn't get sick Is a very dangerous delusion. Even if your pet has never been on the street, he can pick up the infection from your street clothes or shoes, or from items brought from the stores.

The Siamese cat breed is very aggressive Siamese cats are just more temperamental and emotional, unlike other breeds. To set their acts of aggression can only abuse people. However, like any other animal.

Cats vital fish fish contains a lot of taurine and vitamin A, which is needed for the health of the cat. But this does not mean that you have to feed your pet you need only one fish. The meat is also high percentage of these nutrients, and the modern dry food are perfectly balanced.

Cats do a lot to spite the owner Usually cats start to play pranks due to stress or change the behavior of the owner. And if you noticed that the hitherto tidy cat started going in the toilet is not in the tray, and your favorite shoes, do not rush to scold him, better take him to the vet. This may indicate problems with the kidneys in the animal.

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