Dispelling myths about cats

Dispelling myths about cats

About milk.

Many cat owners believe that if you treat your pet saucer of milk, he will be very happy. Of course, the happy-it may be, but not quite. For example, many people also love to milk. But they did not agree to live on milk alone and milk is used as a drink maximum. Likewise, cat. They like milk, although in some individuals a high content of lactose can cause powerful diarrhea. Therefore, it is necessary to give in moderate portions and not too often. In addition, many cats can not use water instead of milk. Therefore, on a par with milk is better to put a bowl with a simple and clean water.

On fish.

Many cat owners believe (and this belief fuels the advertising cat food) that cats should regularly eat fish. In fact this is not true. Yes, cats love fish. But at least they like and meat. If you look from a medical point of view, the cat fish need vitamin A and taurine. Which contained as in fish and meat. Furthermore, feed your cat raw river fish, you increase the chance of contracting it worms, eggs that are often found in river fish.

About the sterilization of cats.

Many owners somehow believe that before the cat spayed, it is necessary that she has given birth at least once. This is fundamentally wrong and dangerously misleading. In fact, later sterilization cat may lead to diseases of the breast and reproductive tract. Therefore it is better to sterilize a cat up to 6 months, when it will begin estrus.

About the sterilization of cats.

It is believed that neutered cats are lazy, sleepy and fat animals. This is only partly true. In fact, cats are just more relaxed and accommodating. And they just sleep as much as the other cats - about 18 hours a day. And in the winter and do prefer to wake up only to eat. So, the cat will make sterilization more calm not only your life but the life of your pet.

On the treatment of cats.

It is believed that any wound can heal a cat, just licking it. Alas, it is not. Of course, the language of small scratches Clean and disinfect. However, if the wound is deep, licking the only harm. After the surface of the cat's tongue is like a sandpaper. It will rip the skin and scabs, slowing healing.

On landing on their feet.

Yes, it's almost true. Cats really can fall from a great height and land successfully on its feet. But naturally they are used to jump from the trees, and not from the windows of the tenth floor. So, this is likely to end in a flight for your pet is very tragic.

About cat vision.

Many people believe that cats see the night no worse than during the day. Of course, this is not true. They see only a little better than people. After all, they, too, need light to see something. But the fact that the main body of the people is the vision for the dogs - the sense of smell, and for cats - the sense of touch and hearing. And these two feel any darkness simply can not be a hindrance.

The danger of walking.

Some cat owners think that by not letting cats out into the street, they protect them from various diseases. In fact, this is certainly not the case. After quite sick street cat pass by you, and on your clothes can remain dangerous microbes. Sniffing your clothes, pet may be ill. So, it is better to put all the necessary vaccinations.

Cats and dogs.

It is not clear where he went this myth, but it is absolutely not justified. Cats and dogs have nothing to divide, and thus the reason for the hostility they simply do not. In many families, cats and dogs sleeping in a chair, as in diseases, even lick each other. And another story that the cat protecting a nest with kittens can leave the curious best friend, no eyes, just to protect their children.

About Siamese cats.

Many believe that Siamese cats are the most aggressive of all the cats. This is not quite true. Simply, they are less accustomed to hide their feelings. That is, they will not hide the joy or resentment.

About treacherous cats.

Some cat owners believe that if a cat is fouling his tray, then it is a sign of resentment and desire for revenge. Most often it's just due to stress (relocation, repair, quarrels owners), or kidney disease, when the cat just does not have time to run to the tray.

The theme of the toilet.

One of the most serious problems, which appears in the house with a domestic cat, it is how to teach her to use the toilet in strictly designated areas. With luck and a couple of lessons enough to the favorite for life grasped that iron rule. But it can happen and so that the domestication leave for months. You have to be very patient and persistent in this matter. And, of course, adequate punishments. For example, if the cat does not pee in the tray, and in the master's shoes, it is, of course, is punishing. But first look - and whether the cat had access to the secret chute? Or maybe you just forgot to open the door? In this case, decide for yourself who to punish: a cat who could not get to the tray, or yourself, for that would not let him do that. By the way, the problem with the toilet door can be solved by making the bottom of the toilet door of a small self-closing the hatch, through which the cat could go there at any time. But to do it is only when the pet is already accustomed to this hard place.

It's best as a latrine suitable tray, not too big, but spacious enough,
cat to comfortably fit in there. Fill it can be a special mass or sand. While some fans cats used simple tattered paper. But many cat categorically refuse to defecate in a vehicle. Also, do not attempt to translate from one cat to another filler. Accustomed to the sand and one day he saw in a tray instead torn paper, the cat may become confused and make some puddle is not in the tray, and the next.

Teach him to walk in the same place, not too hard. If the first bowel movement was committed outside the tray, you should try to collect animal wastes and transfer them into the tray. And when he would get out of the tray, the next time to catch it and take in the tray. Feeling the familiar smell, the kitten was coming into the tray. The place where he had gone before, it is better to pour cheap cologne to fight off the scent, and with it the desire to repeat the "crime" of the old



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