You is the average of the 5 people with whom you spend most of your time!

To our success, quality of life, quality of work and fulfillment of the affected people and it is important to choose someone in your closest circle. About this reflects the writer and Ph. D. Benjamin P. hardy (Benjamin P. Hardy).

In social psychology, has conducted interesting research that explains how most people form their environment. This applies in particular to children and adolescents, and adults choose their friends based on close proximity.

Even as a student, with whom you were friends? It is not those who have the character and interests similar to yours, and with those who literally sat next to me.


Many socio-economic studies showed that the economic instability of a person is largely determined by the district in which he lives. In some regions, the chances of improving the financial situation is very good, is close to zero.

Simply put, our immediate environment is of great importance. As aptly remarked Jim Rohn: "You is the average of the five people with whom you spend most of your time". Or as expressed by the former Director of Yahoo! Tim Sanders: "Your connection is your own capital!"

If you feel bogged down, although all are trying to make progress, take a look around. Most people adapt to any environment, no matter where they were. They have a personality trait that psychologists call "external locus of control", when people believe that their life is controlled by external factors.

Think about who those people are in your immediate environment? How they got there? Do they help you to reach up?

If you want to improve your situation and achieve success in life, then you need to surround yourself with people who have higher standards than you.

As stated by Tony Robbins, your life is a reflection of your standards, or what you are willing to tolerate. Most people agree to put up with unhealthy relationships, bad finances, and hated work. Otherwise, this is just their life would not be.

Lately in work on my book helps me writer Ryan holiday. Personally, I was very happy with my manuscript some time ago. However, every time I sent him a draft, he showed me how it can be improved 10 times. And he pushes me to that high standard.

Now I cringe when I look at the product, which previously had been satisfied. Standards Ryan for my work was much above my own standards.

The same goes for my supervisor. I refer to her research work, which satisfied, but she is not fully satisfied. Then she challenges me to rethink the subject and to dig much deeper. It is difficult and even unpleasant, but it is a way to get better.

The same is true not only for labour relations. What can you say about your romantic partner? Whether it supports you toward high standards? Helps to become better than you are now? And you helping him?

The 80/20 rule (Pareto Law or Pareto principle) applies to people and their teams. 20 percent of the population moving forward, 60% imitate others, and 20% moving backwards.

Most of the people is a direct reflection of those who surround them. If others have lower standards, people also lower their. If others have higher standards, it raises your.

Remember folks, just being with whom you have exalted thoughts and increases energy. Here these people need to surround ourselves with. Exactly the kind of people you should navigate to other better just by being near you.

Your quality of life and quality of your work is determined by the standards you set for themselves and standards of those around you.


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So if you really want to become better, surround yourself with people that will support you to higher standards than currently you do. Having become acquainted with them, you soon learn a lot from them.

Your talents and potential don't matter if you are surrounded by people who will not help to implement them. Many of us have friends with untapped potential. But don't let this happen to you.

The choice of their environment is of great importance.published


Author: Benjamin P. Hardy




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