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We all are somewhat similar to chameleons, because my whole life adopt and adapt to the attitudes, beliefs, values, habits, and actions of those people around us with whom you most frequently communicate with. The quality of the mental life of your brain also depend on your material surroundings, things, location, incoming information. Be aware that the environment has the greatest share of influence on your success.

Your environment is the people with whom you associate, place and environment where you live, what you eat, work, how often do you spend time in nature, whether spiritual growth, what information you let into your life. Be aware that your behavior and way of thinking is almost completely controlled by your environment, you become like those with whom most contact. You are psychic-the average of the five people with whom you communicate most often.

Your life and even your financial income is the mean value from five people in your immediate environment. Do the math and see for yourself.

You are constantly interacting with their environment, and only your level of competence defines what the results of this interaction will lead. The difference between competent and incompetent man is manifested in his environment.

Person or is a consequence of their environment or are likely to cause consequences in their environment. The truth is that a man so successful as he adjusts his environment to him. To be competent means to be able to monitor and control what is in the environment, and the environment.

When a person is competent, nothing can shake his self-respect, because he knows their feelings and control their reactions. The world can crumble, but that's not going to shake him. Competence is not that one person is smarter than another, it is that more than one person knows himself and is able to control himself than the other.

Remember, controlling and managing different reactions to their environment, you are in control of your life. Analyze your surroundings and ask yourself the question: who's in control – you, the environment, or your environment has control over you? The correct answer is I am in control of my reactions towards others and not involved in their.

Think about it: Who surrounds you? What kind of music you allow yourself to listen to? What movies do you watch? What information and emotions do you let, do you watch the news, what? If you are an “appendage” to her TV, if it is your permanent environment? On what and on whom you spend your free time? The place where you live – it inspires you? What you see from the window of his home? What books are on your shelf?

Modern society is arranged so that very many want to take over our minds – politics, media, trade, teachers, friends, relatives, bosses and so on, seeking to become part of your surroundings. Media are you not so much news and the facts as their version of these events, often introducing you astray. Mark TWAIN, with his characteristic irony said: “If you don't read Newspapers, you are uninformed. If you read the Newspapers, incorrectly informed”.

Mix and match your surroundings to promote you, not restrained, not taken away from you energy, and Vice versa, enriching you life force.



As for the people, choosing the environment that will promote you to success, you need to know and consider the following:

Your wisdom should be the understanding that all humans, like everything in the Universe are part of the whole. This concept, at first glance, contrary to common belief that we are all individual and independent, and not connected. But, the truth is that being a part of the whole, we do not need to establish new relationships, it is only necessary to use the already existing interconnectedness.

Thinking so and acting accordingly, you would sure much faster you will be able to find a new relationship. If you understand that communication between people at a certain level already exist, you very quickly begin to make new friends, to network, to surround yourself with interesting people, like-minded people and your life will be full and bright. You will notice that total strangers will be to contact you first, that from the first minutes of communication you will get closer and feel friends.

All successful people have the habit at the first contact, to listen carefully to the words that you say and how you formulate your thoughts. Enough to listen a person to understand what is really in his head. Why? Because your speech is projected what is going on in your subconscious, especially when you are calm, not interested or in a state of anger. Successful people are not interested in how much money you have, and what sort of person you are on your way of thinking, how you take responsibility, or conversely, avoid it, and also your personal attitude to different processes and yourself.

The first thing you should begin, creating your environment, is to listen to your thoughts and the words that you use. If that's the word from the vocabulary of the complainers, excuses, blaming of other people – immediately remove them from their speech.

Letting my human life, remember that you are letting part of their own destiny. Avoid contact with the "toxic" people with "deficit" thinking, but at the same time learn with him properly communicate and do not become immersed into unnecessary conflict. These people are low vibrations, their "disease" is contagious. You don't have to be "garbage pit" for their problems. They don't think about the fact that if you repeat the same thing, it's "the same" will them to happen. Many people in the world who do not want to get rid of the problems and alien programs and you are not responsible for the results of their life.

The environment has a great impact on another aspect of your life – your energy security. You already know that your strength is determined by the amount of energy that you can accept the Universe, to accumulate, preserve and implement.

Energetically interacting with other people, we are faced with different types of emotional vibrations, both positive and negative, and these vibrations can disrupt your energy balance. So try to avoid "incorrect" communication, or at least minimize it. In such cases, remember to keep control over their emotional reactions, look the interviewer, "half", distract yourself with thoughts about something else, read about prayer. Do not let anyone eat your energy, prevent attempts to take it away from you, learn not to envy, not to be offended and not make excuses.

Surround yourself with like-minded people team supporting people team positivity and success. These people are at a high frequency and radiate creative energy. Such people can and should discuss your goals, because if you have long and many won't talk about what you want, your desire can be to lose your energy.


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Life knows how to surprise...


Disassemble, what you are lacking, and surround yourself with people who have plenty. And you will be surprised how your life changes. Meet and surround yourself with those who are optimistic, happy, has their life goals, and you will be able to solve many of their problems, discussing with them different views and positions. The best way to establish relationships and form the right environment to help in the beginning others to achieve their dreams.published



P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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