Lemon diet effective the weight loss program and detoxify the entire body!

The main reason for the failure of diets is that they are either not working or they are very difficult to adhere to.

In fact, according to researchers at the University of California, 1/3-1/2 of people who are on a diet, gaining more weight than they lost within 4-5 years.

This syndrome is known as the effect "yo-yo", when the weight is reduced and rises with every diet. This can not only be frustrating but can be dangerous for your health. Worst of all, sitting on a diet, you lose how fat and muscle, but when you regain weight, it is only because of the appearance of fat.

This poses a real problem since muscle burns seven times more calories than fat. As a rule, after diet, the metabolic rate slows down, and if you go back to the previous diet, your body will gain weight. But there's good news: You can change that.

We have an efficient weight loss program, it will not only help remove the extra pounds and cleanse your body.

The power of lemon

The first thing you need to know, lemon is an alkaline product. This is important because the body of most people who are overweight zachislen.

To maintain the desired pH level, the body naturally (through urination, defecation and sweating ) displays so many acids and toxins as you can. But when your body accumulates more waste than can bring, the body automatically produces fat cells to store these toxins. Though it is an important feature, but the excess fat is dangerous for health.

The benefits of eating lemon

Lemons contain 10% carbohydrates (sugar and cellulose), 88-89% water and 1-2% protein and fat (this is polyunsaturated healthy fats, including omega-3,6). Also lemons are full of vitamins (contains vitamin C) and minerals. One lemon contains 59% of the required daily allowance of vitamins.


Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins, antioxidant that support the immune system, its proper functioning and health of the skin.

What are the benefits of lemon?

1. Prevents cardiovascular disease.

Lemon reduces the risk of stroke, reduces cholesterol. Lemon oil protects LDL particles (bad cholesterol) from oxidation, which is a key factor in the development of heart disease.

2. Prevents the formation of kidney stones

Lemons contain large amounts of citric acid, increases diuresis, thus preventing the formation of kidney stones. Also, citric acid helps to dissolve gall stones and calcium deposits.

3. Prevents anemia

Lemons contain a bit of iron, but large amounts of vitamin C and citric acid help to increase the absorption of iron from other foods. According to research, it helps to prevent anemia.

4. Prevents cancer

Studies have shown that eating lemons helps to reduce the risk of many cancers. The researchers attribute this to hesperidin and D-by limonene. These 2 flavonoids contained in lemon have antioxidant and anticancer properties.

5. Strengthens the immune system

Antioxidants and vitamins not only strengthen your immune system, but can also protect against the development of serious diseases.

6. Cleanses the liver

Lemon improves the ability of the liver to filter out toxins. In 2005, a study published in BMC Pharmacology showed that hesperidin has the ability to protect the liver from damage, even from heavy toxins.

7. Cleanses the intestines

Lemons increase peristalsis in your gut, eliminate toxins and improve function.

8. Relieves stress and improves mood

Lemon essential oil relieves physical and psychological tension.

9. Satisfies hunger

The pectin in the pulp of the lemon not only keeps you feeling full longer, but also nourishes the good bacteria in the gut, thereby improving health and reducing the risk of disease.

Other benefits include help with throat infections, indigestion, dental problems, fever, rheumatism, burns, respiratory diseases. Lemons are also useful for healthy skin and hair, cleanse the stomach and blood.

How to use lemon to burn fat?

Day 1

Always drink water with lemon on an empty stomach. In the morning drink a glass of warm water with juice of 1-1. 5 lemons (2 tablespoons juice). Do the same thing for half an hour before meals. Eat for to healthy choices.

Day 2

Follow the instructions the first day. Drink water 30 minutes before Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Drink 2-3 liters of mineral water throughout the day. Add juice of 6 lemons for best results.

Day 3

Repeat the previous mode. But this day can't drink water before dinner and during. Continue to drink water throughout the day.

Day 4-5 is the same as the third. The main thing is not to forget the morning drink warm lemon water on an empty stomach.

Day 6

Only 2 glass of lemon water. One glass in the morning on an empty stomach. Another glass during the day (lunch or dinner). Plain water drink in unlimited quantities.

Day 7

To develop habits. Drink every morning with warm lemon water. This will not only help to drop weight, but will also strengthen the immune system. Do not forget to drink throughout the day plenty of pure water to flush toxins from the body.published


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