These grown-up "children's games"

The feeling of "citizen of the world" is formed by the child through the game. How mistaken who condescendingly refers to "children's games", considering them unimportant, meaningless and empty pastime.

Here's a simple game – the opening and closing of the eyes. What happens to the toy when we close our eyes? Good to know that it remains. When mom not around, it would be good to know exactly what it will not lost. The same game of hide and seek. In the XIX century it was played not only children but also adults.

In different countries the kids play in the same game, called "ritual walking": walking, not stepping on cracks in the pavement, or using two tiles on the sidewalk, or a few stairs in the hallway, or classic in different variations. Even if to adults it seems devoid of any meaning, for a child this game is important. To make it clearer, let's look through the eyes of a child to an adult, which I was still sitting on the shore with a fishing rod, and occasionally it pulls. The child a lesson, too, seems nonsense.


How to understand the 4-year-old girl, who is crawling on the floor like a baby, takes a pacifier in his mouth, imitating the babbling of infants? If this game continues for several weeks, it is worth considering. The family is replenishment, mom all his attention is turned to the newborn and waiting for oldest daughter's help. And that stupid game just distracts her. What's the point? The girl used to be the center of attention, suddenly felt apart from the main events. Now her place was a baby – she disagrees and tries to attract the same attention parents. Here can help another game of dolls. Much nicer at her age to feed most anyone, but not to eat from the nipples. Choosing for himself the role of a mother doll, she repeats the mother gestures, facial expressions, tone of voice. Now she is psychologically ready to care for your brother.


One of the serious mistakes of parents is to teach children to play the game according to conventional rules football, "cops and robbers", "classics" tend to be a desire to correct certain items. We are unhappy, when chess pieces are being misused, when boys play with dolls and girls with cars.

These role-playing games help the child to realize certain internal needs, which he feels keenly.

Neutral blocks not associated with the intention to become a Builder. Why are we afraid that the boy with the doll will not choose a male profession – doctor, for example, or rescuer? And the girl with the machine does not dream to become the "lady at the wheel"?

Look carefully to the story of an unusual game. The chess pieces child gives the meaning that he needed now to solve some complex mental task, and he loses her toys

When adults do not interfere with children playing soccer, they most of the time, do not spend on the game itself, and for discussion of rules, fines, punishments. So they learn the characteristics of joint activity, of democracy.


Famous former players complain that today very few personalities in sports, although the conditions for the game are not comparable with those half-wild fields, on wastelands, with rag balls that were chasing them. They had no coach, no uniform, no tournaments. But there was a fanatical devotion to its team, teamwork, passion and unrestrained desire to master the technical skill of the idols. Modern children's football too zorganizowa; the whole process of training is led by adult, grown-up players rent out the other clubs. Why should the individual?


Children play in their free time, in leisure hours. And again, the adults impose their opinion: "Stop dreaming and get back to work!". And the child just busy with a very important matter when he "head in the clouds", is a lot of internal work to comprehend their individuality, and their relations with other people, their position in matters of ethics and morality.


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Each adult will also need at least half an hour a day to devote to restoring order in their thoughts and feelings, disconnected from all external and immersed in himself.

Respect the child's right to identity. Do not disturb him to know himself and the world around it. "Children's games" – not just empty fun and creative activity that reveal the potential of your child.published


Author: Lyudmyla Andrievska


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