Avocado-against fat and cellulite

This diet was designed to meet all shortcomings similar diets, so this diet will not be able to harm the body and will help you to lose weight permanently, get rid of cellulite and get a lean body within a couple of weeks.

Overseas fruit is rich in vitamins, potassium and monounsaturated acids. It's filling, goes well with almost any food and is an ideal component of diet composition. During handling avocados-avocado diet will be the main product. Diet is considered to be quite tough, it can be used not more often than once in 3-4 months. Only in cases of "urgent need to lose weight". Diet is contraindicated for minors and people with health problems.

This blitz diet should be the beginning of healthy and nutritious food, a long low-calorie diets, which should enter into a permanent habit. The first three days – a strict diet, then – a balanced diet with restriction contribute to weight gain high-calorie foods and ready meals.

In the morning you have to eat a half an avocado stuffed with cottage cheese, lunch – a salad of chopped avocado, cucumber, boiled eggs, on top sprinkled with finely chopped green onions. Dinner includes grilled beef steak (respectively, serving has массу100 grams) stuffed with cheese half of a peeled avocado.

For lunch you can make yourself a salad: take half an avocado, cucumber of medium size and green onions. All of this is cut and mixed with hard-boiled egg. During that meal, your body also receives protein through which diet will help you lose weight safely and get rid of cellulite.

Dinner will serve you the same thing for Breakfast, but you can still eat defenetally steak, which is lightly fried.

After a three-day diet with avocados is necessary to gradually introduce into the diet of new products – 2-3 a day, starting with dairy product, vegetables, fruits and berries. A few days are allowed bold meat and fish, seafood, grain and branny bread in moderation. After a week, you can enter in the diet of mushrooms, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and potatoes.

Lose weight, be slimmer and prettier!

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