Effective gymnastics from wrinkles on the face

Every day to do special exercises from wrinkles and the skin will be tightened without plastic surgery. Exercises to do sitting on a chair, leaning against his back. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through the mouth. Each exercise should be repeated with three, and eventually ten times.


• Take a deep breath, strongly blowing the nose wings. Need to exhale through the right corner of his mouth. Then again inhale and exhale through the left corner.

• Slowly take a deep breath and hold your breath for 3-4 seconds. Puffing out his cheeks, let the air escape through pursed lips.

• Breathing in the air, press your tongue to the bottom не6у. On the exhale face muscles need to relax.


• Inhale. Exhale, stretching his lips, the corners of the mouth while holding hands.

• Put on the forehead the tips of the fingers of two hands. Raise your eyes and eyebrows upwards, overcoming the resistance of the fingers.


• Place ring fingers at inner corners of the eyes, are average — in the middle of the eyebrows, forefinger on the outer corners of the eyes. Strongly squint, resisting the fingers.

• Turn your head from left to right, lower to the chest. Repeat in the other direction.

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