How to escape from depression?

Fatigue, even chronic, is not a diagnosis. But doctors say that fatigue is the path to depression. If a person is constantly tired and not getting enough sleep, it becomes much more vulnerable to stress. Therefore, if not timely pay attention to this condition, fatigue may become a depression.


The signals of the body:

The disruption of a healthy sleep and concentration – signs of negative changes of your body. After that there is a sharp decline in appetite, comes irritability. If it bothers you for more than one week, you need to go to a psychiatrist. Don't be shy. The sooner the doctor will see the violation, the more effective the treatment will be. Trying to solve the problem on their own, you can only aggravate everything.


How to protect yourself?

First, you need to reduce the speed. Let them know your family that you really need. You should not conceal his fatigue.

Secondly, make your sleep healthy. You need to make yourself at night tea with chamomile, mint, Melissa. Take a warm bath with lavender.

And the last thing you need positive emotions. A walk with friends, go to the movies. Sport also helps to distract from problems.


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