Of these 10 simple culinary techniques I told the chef

Some of us prepare different dishes brings a real pleasure, for others it is a necessary daily routine.

Revision Website says that to become a chef in his kitchen not too difficult. Especially if you know these simple but useful techniques that we have collected for you.

1. Add the milk and the salt in the water to cauliflower remained white

Normally when cooking cauliflower becomes gray, that can ruin the appearance of food. To avoid this, when cooking add the water a little milk with a pinch of salt, and cabbage will keep the white color.

2. Keep the bright color of boiled and stewed vegetables

To the vegetables were colorful and appetizing even fried or stewed, dip them in ice water immediately after cooking.

3. Add a spoonful of salt when cooking sweet cakes

0 5 h. L. salt that you add to the sweet dough, did not hurt the dessert. Conversely, finely ground salt will reveal the taste of each of the ingredients and spices.

4. Use frozen grapes instead of ice to chill wine

To the melted ice not dilute the taste of wine, use of frozen grape. They perfectly cool the drink and will not change its taste. This technique can be used not only wine, but also with other drinks, adding berries and fruits of your choice.

5. Prepare the perfect crumbly rice

Not so easy to cook crumbly rice, which turns into a thin gruel. Immediately after cooking pan naroyte ordinary kitchen towel which will absorb any excess moisture. This simple trick will help prepare the perfect figure.

6. Get more juice from a lemon or lime

To get the most juice out of a lemon or lime, put it in the microwave for 10-20 seconds at high power. With a sharp knife cut it into 6 slices and squeeze the juice, which will be much more than usual.

7. Prepare a perfect cake without a recipe

You do not necessarily have on hand the exact recipe to cook the perfect cake. Remember a simple rule: the amount of sugar by weight must be equal to the amount of flour and number of eggs - oil. Use a kitchen scale to accurately measure the weight of the ingredients.

8. Get a tender and juicy meat with the help of egg protein and starch

Use egg white and 1 hour. L. corn starch, to cook the perfect meat.

9. Salt the vegetables before adding them to the salad

Before you add the vegetables that contain a lot of juice in a salad, lightly sprinkle them with fine salt and leave for a while, and then mix with the remaining ingredients and mix them with the sauce. The salt will help hold water in vegetables and keep their taste.

10. Add a pinch of salt and cinnamon in coffee before cooking it

Try adding a pinch of salt and cinnamon into the coffee before, how to cook it. The salt will make the taste milder and cinnamon flavor reveal and make it more vivid.

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