15 of the hottest member of the Rio, because of which we did not pull away from the screen


finest athletes of the world - is another reason why I want to watch the Olympic Games in Rio. Sports passion and beauty - an explosive mix of force majeure. See post Website and immediately agreed with this.

Allison Stock, athletics, US d6bfc312b2.jpg

Irresistible pole vaulter Allison Stoke from California is known not only for his achievements in the sport, but also a rare beauty.

Michelle Waterson, mixed martial arts, USA 43f0f7a178.jpg

Fragile at first glance, Michelle Waterson, which fans dubbed The Karate Hottie ( «hot karate"), has a fighting spirit. Michelle childhood practitioner of martial arts, able to fight in karate style, martial arts and Muay Thai harsh. Out of 11 fights won 8.


Melanie Adams, pole vault, Australia ce8094f60e.jpg

Melanie has performed at the 2012 Olympics, and at the same time hit the ratings of the most attractive female athletes in the world. Melanie also works as a model and participated in beauty contests.


Anthony Missouri-Sandrich, basketball, Croatia 30c12c8526.jpg

Anthony also has managed to shine at the Olympics in London. Croatian national basketball team won medals did not, but bright Anthony won a lot of fans.

Ellen Hoog, Field Hockey, Netherlands fcf6744801.jpg

Fragile eyed Ellen Hoog already twice took the "gold" Olympic Games as part of the national team - in Beijing and in London

. 964df71a87.jpg

Ana Ivanovic, Tennis, Serbia cbcf6d9754.jpg

Ana Ivanovic started playing tennis at the age of 5, after seeing the game on TV. It has achieved excellent results - in 2008 became number one in women's tennis

Hope Solo, football, USA 14e27a76ab.jpg

. Hope Solo - without exaggeration face female US soccer. She helped her team win the double Olympic gold in Beijing and London and take first place in the 2015 World Cup. Hope became the first goalkeeper in the history of football, who played 100 "dry" matches for the national team. And invincible Hope has an unusual beauty and explosive character.

Sophie Horn, Golf, UK 27547dc69c.jpg

The most beautiful of the world golfer Sophie Horn loves candid photoshoot. She finds his calling in to add a bit of glamor golf and sexuality.

Maria Kirilenko, tennis, Russia 4be5235625.jpg

It looks like tennis - the main supplier of beauties in the sport. Asterisk Russian tennis Maria Kirilenko at the Olympics in London, won a bronze medal in doubles.

Eugenie Bouchard, Tennis, Canada 1915dbaa3e.jpg

Vigorously Eugenie is rarely seen without a broad smile on his face. Cheerfulness and transparency attract all eyes to her on the court.

Camille Leblanc-Bazin, weightlifting, Canada f4bc46d80e.jpg

Camilla - Canadian Champion in weightlifting and the winner of the Canadian championship all-round

. 37201a8f10.jpg


Lerin Franco, athletics, Paraguay 35bfadf94f.jpg

I can not believe that this elegant and beautiful fashion model with a beautiful figure - also a successful sportswoman, javelin thrower. It has often been the winner of the South American championships and participated in three Olympics.

Amber Hill, clay pidgeon shooting, UK 51629333af.jpg

With Amber Hill trifled with - this petite blonde beautifully drawn with a gun

Caroline Wozniacki, tennis, Denmark

. Carolina could not pass up the sport - her father played professional football, and my mother was a volleyball player. The quiet beauty of Carolina is able to decorate and court, and the red carpet.

Michelle Jenneke, jogging, Australia d562ea04b4.jpg

Michelle Belle called "smiling runner", she won many viewers for its lively dance-workout before the race.

This is how Michel dancing before the start. By the way, until the end of the inspection - positive heating works fine on the preview of Instagram / Allison Stokke,

. Instagram / Melanie Adams

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