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enough sleep is necessary in order for us to perform daily activities and sleep deprivation threatens us with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression. Doctors advise to sleep between 7 and 9 hours per day, but the busy schedule, often a strong and healthy sleep can only dream of. What to do if you do not get enough sleep, in front of a whole day's work? Here are a few tips on how to stay active and alert. 1. Fill edoy

As the machine, we require fuel to operate. A healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner will provide the body with sufficient nutrients and support you in the waking state. For example, an apple which contains only 10 grams of sugar, which we burn for a long time, the energy level increases. You can also include in your diet more vegetables, grains and proteins comprising amino acids and makes us more energetic. But what should not be there, so it's a tight dinner, rich in proteins, fats and starches. It takes us a lot of energy to digest. 2. Make probezhku

Experts recommend to go for a morning jog, as it promotes the release of endorphins - natural painkillers. It also makes us more energetic and strengthens the heart. The whole exercise is a good way to enhance the mood. However, intensive training at a low energy level can make you even more sluggish, so limit the cost burden. 3. Drink kofe

Caffeine present in coffee, tea, chocolate, some beverages, and medicines affect the metabolism by stimulating the central nervous system. This increases our vigilance and activity level. However, consumption of too much caffeine can cause withdrawal symptoms, such as nervous irritability, and dizziness. Also remember that our body absorbs the caffeine as quickly as it takes. After 8-20 hours, 75 percent of the caffeine has gone out of your body. 4. More sveta

Light receptors in the eyes keep us awake and help to sleep when it gets dark. We are biologically programmed to wake up with the sunrise. However, while our bodies are not so well distinguish natural and artificial light. Maintaining indoor lighting helps us to stay awake. 5. Make pereryv

If you have to perform monotonous work for a while and you start to fall asleep, take a break and go do something completely different. The brain needs a novelty. Taking a break and then returning to your pressing business, you can look at more fresh look. 6. Being in constant dvizhenii

If you start sleepy, go up and start moving. Cavemen did not move in only one case - when we went to bed. When you sit at the computer for hours, then at one point you will begin to overtake drowsiness. So stand up and remind yourself that to sleep is still far. 7. Recovery son

You can not even go back to working condition? It is best to allocate 20-30 minutes a little sleep in the afternoon. If you sleep less than 30 minutes, stay in the first two stages of sleep, which improves cognitive function and make you more relaxed. However, it is best to set the alarm not to sleep longer than that is laid, as after dinner sleep, which lasts more than half an hour, begins to arise the state of lethargy, reduced intelligence and you there is a growing desire to sleep on.



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