The man has sold his life and bought a new

48-year-old Australian Ian Usher did not lose heart after breaking up with his wife and started a new life.
He sold everything he had in life and went on a journey around the world.
He began to carry out all sorts of goals, I have seen a lot and learned a lot of interesting.

In 2008, the online auction site Ebay appeared unusual exhibition titled "Life Ian Usher." The exhibition was part of a three bedroom house, a car Mazda, moped, skydiving equipment, jet ski. Starting rate for all was one dollar.

Of course, the exhibition has attracted a lot of interest, and a week later all acquired by former carpet dealer for nearly 50 years, his life has gone from under the hammer for 305 thousand dollars. In Asher's nothing left but a large sum of money. Freed from the burden of acquired good, he formed a list of 100 goals he wanted to fulfill in their lives, and that he never had time; for their performance, he took 100 weeks. In the dream a week - the program is very rich!

His first destination was Dubai, where he was to go skiing in the hot sun. Then life Asher turned into a series of exciting adventures: he ran with the bulls, dived among white sharks, appeared in a cameo role in a Hollywood movie, ride a dog sled in Canada, learned to fly a plane, personally met with his idol - Richard Branson, went on Everest and seen many other wonders of the world.

However, until the end of his list, he never completed. When he was 7 desires from the list, he decided to invest in the future of the remaining money by buying himself a tiny island off the coast of Panama and built a house on it. There he settled with his new woman he loved, whom he met in Canada. The solution "lay low", he did not regret a second. "This was the most amazing adventure of mine - exactly what I was looking for. I realized that my life is much happier and more meaningful when it is, with whom to share. " But ...

... Published several books and lived on the island for nearly three years, Asher again put their lives on the sale! Anyone who agrees to shell out 250 thousand dollars will get to the island, wooden house, boats, exotic fruit trees and endless opportunities for first-class diving.

"This is a great place, but I once again itching desire to travel" - explains Asher his desire to re-sell life (this time - full of happiness and harmony). - "I have still a long list of places I wanted to see what I could not do, swinging in a hammock and sipping margaritas┬╗.



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