Meat patties (+ recipe cooking secrets)

1 kg of meat
Onion 1 clove
Eggs 1 piece
Stale white bread 300 g

How to:

1. Meat grinder scroll through a large grill or buy large scrolled stuffing.

2. Finely dice approximately 4-5 mm. In no case does not scroll onion burgers are much worse. Add chopped onion stuffing.

3. soak bread in milk, squeeze out of him all the liquid and add to the stuffing. The main theme in the burgers - the amount of bread. About a kilo of minced meat - a little more than a third of sliced ​​loaf. If the bread add a few burgers, they get tough and tasteless.

4. Egg drive the stuffing - it will not fall apart cutlets in a skillet.

5. Add salt and pepper to taste, then mix the stuffing so that was a homogeneous mass, which must knead well.

6. Slightly heat the pan, pour olive or sunflower oil, put the shaped patties. Do not make burgers big and too thick, they will have longer-lasting and have gone all the juice, the thickness of about 1, 5 cm is sufficient. When cutlets lightly browned on one side, flip them. Burgers need a couple more times to turn. In no case do not pour water and do not cover the lid - so you boil them. 7-8 minutes is sufficient to chop a thickness of 1 5 cm fry completely.


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