Cabbage Pie

Cabbage 1 piece
Olive oil 50 ml
Eggs 2 pieces
Butter 270 g
Milk 400 ml
Salt 1 large, 5 tablespoons
Wheat flour 500 g
Dry yeast 22 g
Sugar 2 tablespoons

How to:

1. Sift the flour mixed with half a tablespoon of salt, sugar and dried yeast. Hands to mix the result with 250 grams of butter at room temperature to a state resembling bread crumbs or coarse sand. Add 250 ml of milk and knead the dough. Leave it on for forty minutes in the heat, so that it rose.

2. Meanwhile, finely chop the cabbage and mix it with a tablespoon of salt, pour boiling water, let stand for ten minutes, drain the water, squeeze out all the liquid that remains in the depths of cabbage. In a deep frying pan to extinguish the cabbage mixture of olive oil and butter. Need a little butter - twenty grams. Cook on high heat for ten minutes, then add half a cup of milk, remove the heat to low. And simmer for another twenty minutes, stirring constantly and podsalivaya to taste. Then remove from heat and let podostyt.

3. In parallel to cook hard-boiled eggs, two chicken.

4. risen dough (on the loose, airy texture it should remind the dough for donuts) roll into a thin layer, not forgetting to use for this is not only a rolling pin, and a sufficient amount of flour.

5. On a baking sheet lay out a thin layer of dough and spread evenly over it stewed cabbage and chopped hard-boiled eggs. Top cover with another layer of dough and seal the edges. Done in the cake with a fork or knife dozen holes that pie could not breathe. And send it in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees for half an hour until golden brown. Before sending it to lubricate the surface of the beaten egg.

Stuffing should be gentle, creamy smell, and the dough so the air as if you were going to the oven biscuits.


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