18 bright ideas for cake decorating: from an ordinary dish into a work of art!

Sometimes cooking of conventional cooking turns into a way of expression of the cook. Then the dishes made them can be called a masterpiece that even a pity. .cc has prepared for you 18 ideas for decorating cakes that prove it suitable for any holiday table. During cooking Include your imagination that you get the same great food.

1. A variation on the theme of flowers

2. Pie Cthulhu

3. Magic Tree

4. Medieval Pie

5. On the theme of autumn

6. Another floral cake with roses made of apples

7. Octopus

8. Owl

9. Another tree

10. Dragon Pie

11. Chicken Pie

12. Cake decorated with leaves

13. Rushes

14. Fairy Cake

15. Cake for lovers of the game Pacman

16. Winter is coming ...

17. The coat of arms is still one of the families of the series "Game of Thrones»

18. Another pie based on "Game of Thrones»

They look amazing and believe me, this cake will eat much faster than normal. Attach your meals and fabulous views raduy their loved ones this beauty!

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