My joy seemed to cook this colorful cake is very difficult. But in fact it is easier than ever!

Do you think that this culinary masterpiece created overwork? The furnace it is much easier than you imagine. A view of the finished cake is incredibly impressive!

These sweets, like this colorful cake, perfect for any baby celebration, a birthday or a party. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised.

for magical rainbow cake you will need:

  • 2 conventional dry mixes for baking cakes
  • 5 dyes of different colors
  • 5 small servings confectionary glaze
  • 5 shpritsevalnyh bags li >
  • 1 die-molds for hand lay a cookie
  • icing (if it is not part of the mix for baking, mix the icing sugar with a little water and lemon juice until a viscous homogeneous mass) < /

    Use shpritsevalny bag to fill the baking dish colored dough. The form required to cut aluminum foil. If this is not possible, it is possible instead to grease the form of fat. It is important that the cake is not stuck to the walls of the mold, so it can burn on. Fill out the form colored dough so that the colors really well mixed. Do not limit your inner artist - give yourself the freedom to do!

    When the form is completely filled with dough, put it in the oven baked.

    Let the cake cool down after baking. Then it will cut into pieces and put them in the freezer for one hour. They should be solid.

    Then, using molds engrave numbers on all the pieces and send them in the freezer.

    Now knead the dough another, following the instructions and cut the bottom part of his prepared baking dish (also pre-cut foil shape or fat). The remains of a great turning point in the test shpritsevalny bag.

    Frozen digits located in a vertical position at the bottom of the form, so that each digit tight against one another. Balance Test evenly distributed over the cut in the form of tsiferok.

    It is important to make a note about the direction of the numbers, for example by bending the edges of the foil on the corners of the baking dish. Do this to cut the cake after properly.

    The cut test numbers so that their edges are not stood out.

    Bake the cake in the oven at 160 degrees. After 40 minutes the temperature decreased to 90 degrees. In general, it should be oven 70-90 minutes. How to check if the cake is ready? Try it to pierce with a toothpick: if it is not a test - it is ready.

    Now we need to cut off the top part of the pie. You can also do this procedure with the lower part, but not necessarily.

    The cut of the cake is very delicate sphere sour icing.

    Then glaze mixed with dyes and twist it into a long sausage. With all the sausages, besides violet, do one, each in turn interfering. Be careful: to mix these sausages, but not too hard, not to get a lot of dark colors.

    Then roll out the big multi-colored sausage in a thin layer.

    Completely covered with a layer of cake frosting and rainbow over the entire length of the cake at the bottom of Prilep purple sausage, which will be the final stage of preparation.

    In the end, it will look like your culinary masterpiece. Piece of art! Be sure that the 5-year-old birthday boy for a long time will remember this birthday!

    Of course, you need to work hard: to bake two pies to eventually make them one. But if you use sweet mix for baking, it will cost you a minimum of effort. In addition, this cake looks so delicious that you will surprise all!

    Share this recipe with your friends. This cake will make the most beautiful day of the year even sweeter!

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