How to get people to talk about you

Sundresses marketing works, and this fact can not be denied. That's only part of the advantage that he will reward your company:

-Customer themselves come to you
-lyudskaya rumor - free advertising
-usilivaetsya effectiveness of traditional advertising
-Performance employees increased
-uvelichivaetsya stream of customers
an increasing customer service
-companies is growing, the brand is gaining strength

People talking - a key component of word of mouth marketing. But how to make sure that people are talking about your company, your product or service? Why do they say about you? There are several reasons. More precisely, three:

1. Love what you are doing

Class products, superior service, unique pieces - it could be anything. The essence is - your customers delighted with you!

For example, Apple says about the millions - even those who never used iPhones, iPads and other gadgets of this company. And why? Because their products are so great that I want to talk about them.

2. Feel important, intelligent, helpful

No matter how rational we may want to feel the role of emotions in our actions can not be understated. Show your customers that using stories about your company, they will be able to show off your erudition, to help all the friends with the problem. Emphasize the importance of them for you - to invite presentations, private events.

3. The need for identification

By purchasing your product, the user automatically becomes a participant in his community, and trying on all those values ​​and ideas that he brings. Try to make sure that your company's customers have been merged into a kind of subculture - so they will feel their involvement in the group to communicate with like-minded people (for you!) And bring fame to the masses.

Key components
Sundresses marketing includes 5 elements without which it will not work, how would you like that, no:

Since conversations - the essence of word of marketing, you need to understand exactly who will talk about you, and to establish contact with these people.

At the first step is to answer the following questions:
who are your speakers?
talk to anyone?
what they say?
how to find them?

Speakers may be among your regular customers, as well as those who first came to you. Also, should pay attention to your employees - often they praise your company. For speakers also include those who advocate free carrier of your logo - Branding uses products (T-shirts, caps, backpacks, etc.). Also, the speakers may be professionals of the industry, which is connected with your activities.

Enrol your speakers need to understand how they are authoritative, and what is the volume of their audience. And do not forget that quality is more important than quantity! Speaker with a small audience, but high authority in their eyes, can be much more useful than the thousand without an adequate level of confidence.

Once you've determined your speakers should contact them. Having established contact, proceed to the next step - give them a theme to talk about you.

"The more information you give to the speakers, the more they talk.»

Good topic must be simple, organic, unexpected, and, most importantly, easy to spread. It must be a virus.

"Be interesting or invisible.»

How do you know that the theme of "The Shot"? It is hardly possible to judge with firm conviction, but if you try every day, definitely some kind, and will be successful. Trial and error works here as nowhere else.

Inventing the topic, asking questions such as:
Do tell your friends about it?
what they say?
who will speak?
how to increase the number of students?

The answer, you will be able to easily identify all deficiencies and pitfalls, and eliminate them. Or did come up with a completely new and better theme.

"Remember the rule: what looks good in the press release, brochure or advertisement, is worthless as a topic for word of mouth marketing»

How to run a course sundresses marketing and get people talking about you

It is foolish to sit back and wait for you to speak. Take the first step. Ask to talk about you. For example, place a button on the site "Share" or "Tell a friend". Button social networks are also working on a hand word of marketing, so do not ignore them.

Another tool that will increase the amount of talk about you can become an ordinary e-mail-marketing. With the correct mailing you feed your speakers with new themes, and they, in turn, spread them throughout their audiences.

Blocks "most popular", "With this product dig" or "Reader's Choice" is also word of mouth marketing are the tools. Psychology at work here - "just another liked it, that means I should try».

Take part in conversations about you. Thanks for the kind words, answer questions, solve the problems, or simply communicate. The main thing - to speak for themselves. So you call the more trust and respect than anonymous, hiding behind the avatar with the SEAL.

If you see that the reviews are not flattering, and filled with negativity and complaints, try to constructively deal, offer help and make every effort so that the problem was fixed. Believe me, the customers who have helped you, will spread positive word of mouth about you more than those to was initially pleased with everything.

"Solving problems - the most powerful marketing technique at your disposal.»

Monitoring is needed. And with the advent of the Internet in our lives and he has become easier than ever before. Just use Google - and now hundreds of results with feedback about your company.

Having carefully considered the content, you can calculate your reputation index: take the number of negative reviews from positive (neutral does not count). This difference is an indicator of reputation.

"Negative reviews - this is your chance. Listen to them and draw conclusions. "


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