This is the only thing men want more than sex. But never talk about it!

Many women around and only say: "All men only want sex! He is absolutely not interested in me.", "He needs me only to satisfy! Animal!""Men are so primitive that women are not interested in nothing but sex!". Maybe easy women don't want to see anything else?

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You might be surprised, but there is something, I wish men even more than sex (with the exception of the 15-19 age group). Only their severity and proud to say so. Today edition «Site» dispel the major stereotypes about men.

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What to say of suicidemachine did not want to offend women. Yes, they have a much stronger attraction to the opposite sex, but that is the nature. But how long have you know, sex is only 50% of a happy relationship. Women, so I wish men understood them, but somehow themselves to look beyond the stereotype don't want to. And the males so offensive that perhaps they will never know the whole truth.

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In fact, man needs tenderness and a sense of peace. He wants to have with a woman is quite different your personal world. A light touch of the woman that can not enhance the mood, but also to relieve boredom and to motivate for new achievements. But the man is afraid to ask, because it is, at first glance, so obvious. And Yes, they're afraid to look in the eyes of his beloved weak and soft.

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A man needs to feel love. Sure, every man wants to feel it. It's simple — women's acceptance and approval. It is known that the woman sets the emotion to the relationship. Second in importance after touching are the words. They can give a man the confidence which will soon be changing the world around you.

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Men want them interested. No need to split hairs, it is enough to ask how was your day, what interesting as something or other circumstance affected him. But there is a caveat: it is not necessary to make a real questioning about the working Affairs of men, especially if he is a man powerful or works in an "interesting" services. There are things that are not worth much to penetrate a woman, especially if she likes to gossip with her friends.

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Also men want to have their efforts evaluated. Note verbal. He may not know what you're thinking. He's not you. So you need to Express their thoughts and admiration. That's about what a man wants to hear.

  1. "I'm glad you brought us here, thank you."
  2. "You're so good. So much work and struggle for our family.»
  3. She touched my shoulder and whispered, "You're such a good father and husband. Love you for it."
  4. When I offered her the option of a rest, she took my hand and said, "Hell, I adore you!".
  5. When I come home from work, she is still in the verge meets me and says, "Hey! I'm so glad to see you" Is if she can do it with a smile, as if still in beautiful lingerie…
  6. So, when I feel bad, she just hugged me and said: "Everything will be fine."Without further ADO, and questions.
  7. So after sex she started immediately on everyday life, and said, "Wow! Well, you're a beast another one!»

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The editorial Board All men want attention and understanding, regardless of sex. Of course, all the spoils, the pride and someone will have to cave. Often this must be done by the woman, because she is the weaker sex. But believe me, your affection and approach will immediately let you know.

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